Toys: Some are attending Jubilees and some are taking flight

By: Devis Martin

Varieties of toys are available in the market to entertain and educate kids according to their age-groups. Find toy manufacturers and b2b portal. Craze of toys among children make toys an inseparable part of their life. Children up to a particular age feel toys as their friends or closer ones. They want to do each activity of their daily life with their favorite toy and also make their toy to do the activities same as they do or observe doing others. We often see many toys scattered in the house of a kid and see that kid talking, sleeping, eating and doing many such activities with his toys.

Many of the toys make an essential job of educating kids. This toy industry has widened its circumference and became one of the largest industries. This industry includes variety of toys in it everyday. Alike other industries many new launches are being done in this industry too. Many national-international toy fairs are being arranged and organized in various countries, where many new varieties of toys are being introduced to the masses.

Toys are also being categorized into various categories such as traditional toys, electronic toys, digital toys as well as educational toys and the toys those are most extensively loved by elders too are soft toys. This industry of ‘products for small’ is seeing larger heights day by day. Toy industry is influenced by fashion and hence that of brands too. Many kinds of toys are facing in & outs in the toy market due the impact of fashion. Toys of different brands are also being seen in the market.

Choice of toys is different for each child and it also varies according to its sex as we come to see that a boy child go for various electronic & noise making sort of toys while simple, soft & decent toys are the choice of girls. Here while talking about the girl children’s choice for toys we must not forget about DOLLS. It’s a kind of toy without which not any girl child can spend her childhood. This special kind of ‘Toy for girls’ has formed a specific and the significant segment in the whole toy industry. In this segment of dolls, one stylish and the most favorite doll has brought glamour into the whole toy industry, she is Barbie. Barbie has given different shades and styles to the whole toy industry. This is the doll that has been going through many special versions.

This famous and glamorous doll has recently celebrated her silver-jubilee. Such a long journey of a toy shows its influence on us. 50th birthday of Barbie was the remarkable event, which has been celebrated with passion all over the world where a fashion week inspired of Barbie’s collection and her signature hot pink color had been organized. In spite of this, many other fashion shows have been arranged using Barbie theme since years. This toy has got fame and widely been considered as the style icon as this doll has many of fashion looks, styles and apparels. This ‘Toy Fashion Model’ annually employs near about 50 professionals to create her hair-style, make-up as well as fashionable & unique tailoring. Despite of this all, her newest signature line is going to get released in coming September.

This kind of popularity of a toy reveals its impact on us, which has not only influenced our childhood but our teenage as well as adulthood to the considerable extent. Many companies are having powerful toy business and are stepping ahead by bringing varieties and brands in this industry. And even this industry is holding b2b marketplace through internet just like others.

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