Tourism And Transportation: Hand And Hand

By: Nathaniel Hilson

Vermont may be the second least populous state in the United States but its tourist attractions are remarkable. The State of Vermont takes pride of its attractions as it is home to ski destination and activities. For this reason, the Stateís transportation industry takes a toll together with the tourism department in developing its various aspects. For instance, a cheap transportation service is offered to tourists and locals. Transportation in Stowe is in demand as skiers and snowboarders come to experience these exciting sports. That is why providing a cheap taxi service is an effective tool in further promoting tourism in Vermont. Together with taxi in Middlebury, Burlington transportation is also important knowing Burlington is the Stateís largest city.

Most definitely, a state gains revenue from its tourism department. This leads to opening more job opportunities to the locals as foreigners come by and see its attractions. Gradually, this results to creating a boost in a stateís economy. Tourism goes hand in hand with the transportation industry. Transportation, by its definition, pertains to traveling from one place to another. Without transportation, traveling could hardly walk in the scene of adventurous people.

But, how do we know or choose which transportation to use? If one doesnít own or have the luxury of buying a car, then public transportation should be in the rescue. In this scene, taxi is the most reliable public transportation that commuters use. Wherever you are and whenever you need to get to a place, a dependable transportation is a friend to rely on. With a pleasant driver who is knowledgeable of the place he serves, you can be rest assured that you will have a smooth ride.

While some are lazy to travel, others view it as an exciting activity. You get to see different cultures, meet new people, be introduced to different races and acquire more knowledge. It is a never ending festivity of discovering the unknown and erasing ignorance little by little. Through seeing new places and experiencing unique activities, most especially things you havenít tried before, makes you gain new and different perspectives in life. It is food for the thirsty adventurous spirit.

To think it over, man is bound to discover infinite things. Every thing is matter but manís curiosity and imagination is limitless. After all, there is great fondness in thinking. In addition, traveling is a very interesting activity when an individual is in constant pursuit of what he does not know. For this reason, public transportation services should go hand in hand with this pursuit of discoveries. It could mean little but the mere conversation of a foreigner to a driver can already convince a viewer to making his general impression of certain place, state or country. Regardless of the happy events or experiences that a traveler encountered, if the weight of a bad transportation has affected him tremendously can result to a lasting negative impression or perception, which some may agree or disagree. Hence, tourism and transportation must tag along with one another in establishing the image of a particular state or country.

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