Total Business Comfort: Aeron Office Chairs

By: Keely Twible

When you think of comfort and luxury in office chairs, think of Herman Miller Aeron chairs. They are the ultimate chairs. Designed according to the basics of ergonomics they are the last word in comfort, so much so, that instead of causing exhaustion they actually contribute to the health of the persons sitting in them. They are functional and environmentally friendly.

Aeron chairs are highly versatile. They have several adjustments that can be better adjusted to a welcoming height pitch and other positions. These chairs are designed to fulfill various functions since they can be easily adjusted according to your requrements. They are available in three different sizes which makes them ideal for computer work, meetings, or general office work.

The most important feature of Aeron chairs is that they cater to the need of people who have to spend long hours sitting in them. In today's’soffice world, most people experience poor posture and discomfort while sitting in regular chairs, which has often led to some serious back problems. Aeron chairs are especially designed to support the lower back.

Besides the lower back these chairs take care of the the upper back, arms and thighs as well. They have high back, speial armrests and waterfall in front for the best ergonomic support. Their high back distributes the body weight and takes it off of the lower spine. The back is wider to provide further support. The waterfall front ensures that the pressure that can build up under thigh and reduce circulation gets minimized and the armrests are so desiged that they are wide, soft and sloped in front to maximize comfort and support while working. These chairs ensure good health of the user.

Suspension is another feature associated with Aeron chairs. The suspension offers healthful support that distributes one’s weight evenly for comfort and balance. Additionally, the chairs are form fitting. The materials used are designed to support while conforming to specific shapes. This makes the chair more comfortable and supportive. And, as the name implies, there is Aeration involved. The material allows air flow, and so the sitter remains cool and does not have to sit in sweat.

Furthermore, there is a natural tilt designed into the chairs allowing you to move naturally and effortlessly. You can tilt the chair according to your needs to lean forward or recline backward. Whichever way you move, the seat pan and backrest will automatically adjust to provide correct positioning and support.

One of the great things about the Aeron chairs is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. It does not use many natural resources, and it is durable. It is strong and it also repairable with relative ease, meaning that there is no need to throw the chair out. Finally, the chairs are designed so that they can be disassembled easily to recycle its parts. This means that when you purchase an Aeron chair you do not have to feel guilty about the environment.

Aeron chairs are making splash in the business settings with their unique design, high quality and technically advanced features. These are some of the best and technologically correct pieces of furniture that help in achieving higher comfort levels and healthier self.

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