Top five Potential Issues You Should Be Aware of When Buying a Home

By: Denise Biance

Shopping for a home can be the foremost exciting time of your life. So as to guard your family build positive you know what a number of the issues are that are found in homes. Perpetually hire certified inspectors to analyze any potential problems.
1. Chinese Drywall
During the housing boom in Florida from 2004 to 2006 several builders imported drywall from China thanks to shortages in the US. Shortly after home house owners moved into their new homes, they noticed a sturdy odor coming back from the walls that they were unable to clear up. This drywall smells like rotting eggs, and has been found to corrode copper wiring, air con coils and alternative metals. In many instances folks have had to maneuver out of their homes for respiratory connected health problems. The simplest manner to search out out if the drywall in the home you're thinking of buying is from China is to go up into the attic and examine what company name is printed on the rear side of the drywall. The only drywall manufacturer from China that has been implicated up to now in this can be Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. Ltd.
2. Georgia Pacific Siding and Louisiana Pacific Siding
Both these firms created a siding product that was made of from varied mixtures of wood veneers, fibers or flakes, bound along with glues, resins, and/or waxes. The main drawback with this siding is that it had moisture-related failures because of product or installation defects, or improper maintenance. So class action lawsuits were filed against these companies. Louisiana Pacific case has been settled. The Georgia Pacific case continues to be in progress. If there are any signs of the siding failing, I counsel having the siding removed or repaired before purchasing a home.
3. Artificial Stucco
Many homes were sided with artificial stucco siding that's created from foam base coat, reinforced with mesh, then another base coat and eventually a finishing coat of stucco over the top. This is a nice product as a result of it adds insulation price to the home. But, it can conjointly be a significant and terribly expensive repair if it isn't put in correctly and/or water gets behind it. This stucco is additionally referred to as EIFS Stucco. There are several lawsuits pending against most, if not all, of the EIFS suppliers. If the EIFS Stucco is applied on a wood framed home, it's a tendency to stay any moisture that leaks into the house, inside the walls, that ends up in wood rot. If it has been properly put in on a concrete block home, you must haven't any problems. If you're keen on the home, you could need this owner to exchange the stucco and build any repairs at their expense with an applicable new end before you buy the home.
4. Plumbing
Sure types of pipes used for the plumbing systems in homes are found to have problems. Galvanized piping tends to rust. A number of the plastic or polybutylene piping caused leaking issues and class action lawsuits were filed. The simplest kind of piping appears to be the copper tubing so long as it is installed properly. If you're involved concerning the piping for the plumbing in your potential new home, create sure you've got it completely inspected before buying the home. It may prevent some costly plumbing repair and environmental cleanup bills down the road.
5. Lead Paint
Lead-based mostly paint is hazardous to your health. It will cause irreversible brain injury and will impair mental functioning. Older homes may contain lead primarily based paint. Think about having any home designed before 1978 tested for lead paint. If the paint tests positive for prime levels of lead you may want to hire a skilled contractor who is experienced in removing lead paint. Do not think that just painting over it can solve the problem. Your state and native health departments have information regarding lead poisoning prevention programs. They will additionally provide you info concerning testing labs and contractors who can safely take away lead-based paint.
Knowing regarding these issues will build your home shopping for decision a heap easier. It will also save you time, money and potentially your health. Research anything problem you discover and raise tons of queries of your inspector if you have got any concerns.

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