Top Ways to Incorporate Search Words into the SEO of Your Website

By: Don Winesse

Doing SEO and search engine optimization for a website is no simple task. Often times, you have to spend long hours and lots of time optimizing the website if you want to get results on search engines. Below, you will find ways that you can incorporate search words into the SEO of your website without having to do a lot of work. There are fundamental areas of websites that need to be optimized in order for search engines to rank your pages and provide traffic to your website. All search engines use a similar algorithm for doing this and it relies on the on page factors of your site. If you improve these factors come you can get ranked more easily and all that you need to do is learn how to use searchwords effectively.

Add search words into the titles and descriptions of your website's pages

One of the primary areas to incorporate search words is into the titles and descriptions of every page on your website. You should do keyword research for each individual page and make sure that you find a series of keywords for these pages. Then, you need to add them into the titles in a natural and realistic looking way. Remember that simply placing them into the titles and descriptions is not recommended. Instead, write out a whole sentence that makes sense and is easy to read. Incorporating them into a natural sentence is the most effective way to do this.

Add the search words into the content of the pages

The actual content of the page needs to be optimized as well. You can add the search words into this content by simply rewriting the text that is on the page. All that you need to do is read over the content that you have for the page and find areas to incorporate the search words effectively. You should use them in a way that's natural and realistic sounding. If you use the search words by simply injecting them into the content, it's not going to read well for the users.

Link search words to internal pages

Some of these targeted search words of yours should also be linked to other internal pages of your website. For instance, on the home page, you can link out to your internal pages with these targeted search words and this will improve your SEO. Search engines favor internal linking very highly because it shows that you are confident in the content of these pages and you are willing to redirect users to internal pages of your website. This shows that you have a thorough and diverse site that is worth checking out.

Use search words in image titles

The titles and all text of your images also needs to be optimize. You can use search words in the image titles and all text to do this efficiently. The search words that you use should be based off of your keyword research. You need to find keywords that are low in competition but high in search volume.

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