Top Ways to Get Your Brand Seen

By: David Wheeler

If you have a business that you want to grow, then making sure to have a strong brand is a very important strategy. With branding you can ensure that people recognize your business and that they can then seek it out in future. This allows you to manage the way people see your company, but at the same time it also allows you to remind people of your business by simply showing them your logo or name (rather than having to explain what you do every time you try to promote yourself). When you see a CocaCola logo you know precisely everything that that means and entails and there's no need for further explaining, and when you see an Apple logo once again this incorporates everything that you need to know about the company.

But in order to accomplish this kind of recognition and identification you need to make sure that your brand actually gets seen so that the association gets built. Here we will look at some ways to expose the general public to your branding and your logos and to get your image out there.


When you create your brand logo then you should make sure that you do so with colours that you like and in a style you're comfortable with. Why? Because you want that new logo to permeate every aspect of your business so that there are 'echoes' of your branding on everything you do. The Apple logo for instance is a white/grey apple with a bite in it, and not only is this logo present on every one of Apple's product, but the choice of colour and the curved edges is also a feature in everything from the iPad to the iPhone. Even the shops have the white colour scheme and feel of minimalism. Likewise if you go into a McDonalds then you will see that the colouring echoes the brand on the interior design as well as the packaging.

If you want people to associate you with your brand then you need to make sure to actually use and promote it, so include it in everything you do.


Corporate gifts have a huge range of different benefits. On the one hand giving something away to clients and potential business partners is a great way to create good will and to make them feel obligated and loyal to your business. At the same time though, when you create these gifts you will incorporate your logo which will mean that every time someone uses your gifts they'll be looking at your imagery. At the same time, this means that every time someone uses your corporate products in public they will be exposing your logo to that audience.


Advertising is an important way to spread word of your business, but you should also use the opportunity to put your branding out there more. Make sure then that your advertising whether it's television, magazine or online, incorporates your logo too in some shape or form so that it gets seen.

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