Top Ways To Prevent Credit Card Frauds- Advice For Online Merchants

By: Gen Wright

Finding an unauthenticated transaction on a credit card can be downright annoying. But as a matter of fact, e commerce credit card fraud cases are not the concerns of cardholders, but it concerns the online merchant, as well. If you are an online business enterprise, you might be looking for a few ways that would help you in preventing online credit card fraud. Transactional issues are always hard to bear as you not just lose a potential deal, but also have to bear the cost of losses. Mentioned below are top ways by which you can transparently prevent credit card fraud on the internet to an extent.
Check and record IPs: The IP of a customer can be immensely helpful in tracking him in cases of ecommerce credit card fraud. In many cases, online merchants had caught crooks before they made larger transactions. Also, it gives an insight on the legitimacy of a customer as genuine people will never hesitate to cooperate with safe measures. Ensure that your system records IPs of every transaction made with the website.
Check if the country is high risk country: Merchant credit card fraud cases are exceedingly common with certain countries. There are certain countries that have been time and gain mentioned in the list of most risky countries. This includes Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Lithuania among others. While countries like Spain, Japan, Switzerland, Hongkong, UK and Australia are known to be safe countries. You can check the origin of a transaction to find its authenticity.
Check for proxy server deals: Transactions that are made through proxy servers can often give rise to e commerce credit card fraud. Proxy servers are those servers that hide the IP of the network. Generally, it is used by large companies, to secure their internal networks, but for internet savvy crooks, this is the simplest way to carry out illicit transactions. Although, it is not always possible to detect a proxy server as these are often highly protected and disappear all of a sudden.
Check the billing address and credit card: Much credit card fraud on internet rise out of tacky billing and shipping addresses. Online merchants should always ensure that the credit card origin and the shipping address should belong to the same country. Although detecting such frauds is often difficult, it can obviously send an alert to the main system to hold the transaction till all things are verified.
Check and crosscheck your doubts: There are many cases, where doubts regarding a transaction are supremely evident, and in such cases, online merchants should not carry forward the transaction. The best way is to call the credit card agency and verify the details and things given on the details. In case, you have the number of cardholder, you can call him directly to verify the details.
With these few tips, one can certainly safeguard his online business to a certain extent. You can also BIN database , which is noteworthy portal that offers comprehensive solutions to online merchants.

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Since you now have an idea of how you can benefit from online credit card fraud it is important that you look for the best sources of e commerce credit card fraud.

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