Top Tips To Detect Credit Card Fraud

By: Gen Wright

Nowadays, an online merchant who accepts payment from his clients towards purchases of products or services from his establishment is well aware of the threat of credit card frauds on the internet and hence is always cautious when he accepts them as payment. But, despite the best efforts, most of the online establishments find it difficult to detect credit card fraud and fall prey to such criminal online customers. As each and every thing is purchased online, the e commerce credit card fraud is also on the rise these days. It is very important for you to have a perfect and correct order confirmation system in place when it comes to online transactions in order to limit the amount of credit card fraudulent transactions online and to prevent your self from being a victim of frequent charge backs by the banks. The following are some of the clues that will help you to detect credit card fraud.

Check E-mail id's, Sales To A Member And Lots Of Them

A credit card fraud solution which you can easily check is to look out for the e-mail id's of the customers who make bulk and expensive purchases from your online store. Most of the customers will be having their e-mail id's with their names in it and if you find the e-mail of any customer to be totally different from his name, then it is important for you to cross-check the order before shipping it. There should definitely be an area of suspicion on the online transactions that are exclusively targeted to a single member within a short period of time. It is important for you to verify whether this is a fraudulent transaction or not. One of the best credit card solutions that an online merchant needs to follow always is to check the frequent sales of a particular expensive or resale value item within a short period of time.

Consistent Expensive Item Orders And Overseas Shipping Details

If your online store is getting consistent orders for expensive items for a particular internet protocol address (web address), then it might be a case of credit card fraud activity. Another easy method to detect credit card fraud is to check if your website has received a number of orders lately of expensive items that needs to be shipped to affiliates who are in other countries. It is vital that you check the credibility of the shipping address before shipping these overseas orders.
The Final Option

If you are still not able to detect credit card fraud over a particular order, it is ideal that you ask your client to either deposit money in your bank account or through internet banking transfer or through a personal check or a pay order or by any authorized money transfer facilities so that you can make sure that you do not fall victim to the credit card company's charge back claims for a particular order. If you want a perfect credit card fraud solution, then it is ideal that you get in touch with BIN database that will provide you with all the necessary solutions that you are looking for to detect credit card fraud customers.

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With this information about credit card fraud solutions, you can invest in the best credit card fraud solution and increase your businesses security.

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