Top Tips To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

By: Gen Wright

Credit card frauds are on the rise the world over and one must be very careful in safeguarding his credit card from the evil eyes of cyber criminals. Most of the credit card frauds occur when a credit card is stolen or is copied and sometimes it might happen if you misplace the card. Hence, it is ideal for the credit card holder to take necessary steps that will help in avoiding credit card fraud to some extent. It is important for the credit card owner to immediately notify the card issuer about the theft of his card in order to stop credit card fraud technique known as card not present fraud from happening. This is a technique wherein the cyber criminals will use your credit card details to make purchases through phones, mail orders or over the internet.

How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud Online?

Phishing is the most common method used by credit card fraudsters online and many credit issuers are trying different ways to prevent credit card fraud online. Here, the credit card customer will be getting an e-mail which will ask the card holder to enter details about the person online at a fake website in order to claim a handsome reward. Also, there are many cyber thieves who tend to scan the rubbish to get your private information about your credit card statements and receipts. So, it is very important for you to shred all your personal documents before throwing it in the thrash can in order to avoid credit card fraud.

Tips To Stop Credit Card Fraud

It is important for you to keep your credit card details and your credit card to yourself and in a safe place in order to prevent credit card fraud. It is important for you to guard your PIN number while taking cash from ATM's and make sure that you are not distracted while at cash machine booths. One of the best ways to stop credit card fraud is to not disclose your PIN number and credit card information to anyone. One of the answers to your question how to avoid credit card fraud is in your hands itself and for this to happen you should dispose of credit card statements, cash receipts from ATM's and credit card receipts carefully. When making purchases online, make sure that you do so on well-known internet sites and merchant websites that ask you for additional information to complete your transaction.

Suspecting Credit Card Fraud?

If you suspect any unknown transactions in your credit card statement or suspect any other type of fraud has been committed, it is very important for you to immediately report about the same to your card issuer in order to prevent credit card fraud from happening again. So, it is ideal that you always have the 24 hour call center number of your credit card issuer with you always. As both the merchants as well as the credit card companies are regulated by certain credit laws, the companies are entitled to refund any unauthorized purchases made through your credit card. If you want more information on the ways to prevent credit card fraud, all you need to do is to visit bin database website.

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