Top Things to do With a Lazy Sunday

By: Danilo Terrell

Everyone loves Sundays. While both Saturdays and Sundays alike count as weekend and give you free reign to spend them as you wish (rather than in a stuffy office), only Sunday has the benefit of being classed as a 'day of rest' and of having all the shops closed. This means that if you work in a store you probably won't have to work on a Sunday, and if means that even if you wanted to go to the bank or get your hair cut you can't. So what do you do with your day to make the most of the time off without going crazy? Here we'll look at some things to do on those wonderful lazy Sundays.

Spring Clean

Having a Spring clean is always an ideal way to spend a Sunday as it means you can potter around the house and get ready for the week. Cleaning and tidying might sound like a chore, but it doesn't really have to be if you take it slowly and have some TV on – it can actually be quite relaxing and offer a good distraction without tiring you out or forcing you to go outside. Better yet, when it gets to Monday you'll feel much better coming home to a tidy house and not having that to worry about.

Sunday Roast

This is the best way to spend a Sunday that will simultaneously fill your stomach and be highly satisfying while also ensuring you're once again ready for that day ahead with a lot of fuel in you. A Sunday roast is something that brings the whole family together and is a great thing to catch up over or to have a chat while eating, but at the same time it's warming, filling and satisfying. A Sunday gives you enough time to cook the roast yourself, but if you'd rather make it a more special occasion and save yourself all the cleaning and washing up duties in the kitchen, then it's even better to head out to a nearby pub where you can also have a glass of beer and unwind in a cosy environment where everything's taken care of for you – and where the food will be cooked to perfection.

Watch a Film, Play a Game , Read a Book

Most of us find we don't have time to do just sit back and enjoy ourselves during the week and as such we often have piles of books we haven't read and DVDs we haven't watched. There's rarely any good TV on a Sunday and you have all day with no real commitments – so why not capitalise on that and do some catching up?

Catch Up With Correspondence

Speaking of catching up, most of us have about twenty phone calls we need to make to friends and family. Sunday yet again is a great time to do this, when you can relax on the couch or in bed and chat to old friends. It's one less stress during the week but it's a relaxed way to pass the time.

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