Top Ten Ways to Select an Automotive Quality Recruiter

By: tulikaverma

There is one habit most of us human beings carry with us long after school is over. ..not doing our homework. As we gather experiences and get even more pressed for

time, we start to trust or gut feeling about people and situations or even worse, don’t pay any attention to them at all. All of us often have to pay for not doing

our due diligence in many ways whether in dollars, hurt feelings or even worse. In the end, we have no one to blame but ourselves. So, I am here to save you some

time and heartache.

Even though most recruiters are not paid by you the candidate, the amount of questions I receive about my background, beliefs and philosophies can be counted on one

hand in the last 5 years. Maybe it’s my voice, or in many cases a referral, but people just don’t slow the game down and ask me some questions. So, here is what you

need to do with a new recruiter:

1. Use your gut feeling. Is this person looking out for your best interest?

2. Do not pay them any money. A top recruiter will be paid all day long by the hiring company since YOU are the one who will be making the company money with

increased sales or profits

3. Ask how long they have been in the business?

4. Ask how much business they have done in Automotive Quality Recruiting?

5. Make sure they agree not to send out your resume without your consent. If your resume is posted all over the internet, you appear to be desperate and will be

treated as so. Think about how some candidates have felt being called into their boss' office because an overaggressive recruiter accidently sent their resume to

them! It happens every day.

6. Ask how they work and have them explain to you their personal philosophy on recruiting and dealing with people.

7. Ask them what separates them from their peers? Why you should work with them over others that have called.

8. Find out about the process…when they will call you and what is expected of you.

9. Ask what your chances are that a person of your specific skills in automotive quality is one they can effectively place and listen very carefully to the


10. If there is a move, ask how they might be able to help you in such a case.

In the end, you are the product for recruiters and the market for Automotive Qualityprofessionals is strong. You are the one who makes things happen for them. Great candidates are recruiters’ lifeblood. Don’t just assume anything from them, even if you are not paying for their service.
makes things happen for them. Great candidates are recruiters’ lifeblood. Don’t just assume anything from them, even if you are not paying for their service.

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