Top Ten Ways You Can Put Some Cash In Your Pocket Quickly

By: Ken Raylyn

Everyone probably understands the idea that in order to make money right away you have to work for it. It makes sense then that the more work you do the more money you will earn. The next assumption would be that if you work even harder you will make a greater amount of money.
The problem is that when you suddenly stop, your income flow stops as well. Working every single day can be stressful, but hard work isnt the only ticket to getting a steady income. There are some unconventional methods as well that can help make you some quick money.
1. Get a Few Part-Time Jobs
It is not necessary to spend 75% of your time working. You could try taking several part time jobs that will allow you to enjoy some breathing room and still bring in some extra cash. It is a good idea to look for jobs that pay the same day for maximum effectiveness.
2. Create Some Things to Sell
Take a look at your talents and think of ways that you can turn them into cash. Many people that use this method wind up thinking of food. Even lemonade stands or something similar has been responsible for making people some quick profits. Its fun to turn your passions into profits.
3. Sell your Personal Belongings Online
It is no longer necessary to hold a conventional garage sale these days to sell your unwanted belongings. They are a number of sites online that make it easy to advertise the items that you have for sale. Craigslist is perfect since you can target the people that live in your city.
4. Gather all your Savings Together
Have you taken the time to find out exactly how much money you have right now? You might be pleasantly surprised if you were to gather all of your coins and look in all the spots that you stash cash. Look under the couch cushions and in your car. There is probably plenty of money lying around that you have forgotten about.
5. Scavenge for Junk
If youre a believer that trash is treasure, go out scouting for trash and collect them in a bag. You can ask around or even online for advice on what to do with the junk that you find. Somebody would surely pay even a small amount so it helps to gather lots.
6. Share Your Space
If you have a nice sized home and a few friends you could consider sharing your space with somebody that can contribute by paying a portion of the household expenses. This is becoming very common since it is a winning situation for both parties. If you take this route make sure you draw up a simple lease agreement.
7. Sell your Parking Space
If you live in an area where parking space is scare, you could sell your parking space to someone and that is in the position to pay well for it and park your car elsewhere. Not only will you make some extra money, you will be getting some extra exercise as well.
8. Take Some Medical Tests
There are usually health institutes that are conducting medical tests and they are normally willing to pay people for their participation in the study. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be an option, but it is worth checking into.
9. Get into Recycling
You might have some broken tools or other scrap metal laying around the house that appears to be useless. Nearly every city has a company that will buy scrap metal. This is very effective when it is sold in bulk.
10. Start your own Home Business
This is an option that many people are getting into. If you really dedicate yourself there is the potential to make loads of money.
There are many more methods than just the ten shown here, especially as the changes in trends take place in the future. Stay up to date and figure out what everyone is getting into so you can follow and make your own income.

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Ken Raylyn has two decades of experience in the corporate world but gave it all up when he figured out how to make quick money creating his own online business. He spends his time testing products and business model to find the most effective methods. So please visit his site to see what "make money" products are currently under review at

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