Top Techniques for Goal Achieving

By: Rebecca Barrett

Did you know that there were so many ways to assist us in reaching our goals? As with many things in life, one method works for one person but not the next so this is why it's fabulous to have several different options to test out. I've been reading a wonderful book by Dr Joseph Murphy called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and in it he goes over many various ways of 'scoring' our goals, which I'd like to share with you:

The Mind Movie
This is where you play out achieving your goal in your mind as if it was in a movie. This was shown in the documentary called The Secret. So for instance, if you're looking to sell your property and it hasn't happened as fast as you would like it to, you could visualise opening the door of your home to prospective buyers, showing them around and then watching their faces light up as they move through your house because they absolutely adore it. Your movie would then continue on to either visualising shaking their hands before they depart your property, as they express their desire to buy it. Or perhaps you would visualise receiving the phone call from the real estate agent to say it's been sold. You probably would then go on to see in your mind's eye the 'Sold' sign placed proudly in front of your property and you smiling like a Cheshire cat! A truly powerful and creative way to visualise.

The Baudoin Technique
A brilliant psychotherapist, Charles Baudoin, discovered a great way to manifest your desires. He felt that by condensing the description of your goal and repeating it over again and again like a lullaby, it would impress upon the subconscious mind more strongly. You begin by getting into a drowsy, relaxed state, almost about to fall asleep but not quite and then say your description many times until you fall asleep. The example given in the book was where a lady had been going through a challenging law suit and just wanted it to be over. Instead of going through a mind movie, she repeated the statement 'It is finished in divine order'. Eleven days later her lawyer called to say that a settlement had been agreed.

The Sleeping Technique
This is a great visualisation technique to use when you need to get rid of a seemingly unshakable habit, such as smoking or eating too much fat. Again, enter into a sleepy state where your conscious mind is submerged, reducing negative mind activity. Think of an effective statement such as 'I am now completely free of this habit and am now healthy and at peace'. Repeat both morning, as you're coming out of sleep and night when you're about to go into a sleep state.

The 'Thank You' Technique
Gratitude is surely a powerful thing and so important in our every day lives. There is always something to be grateful for, even if it's just the fact that we're able to draw breath! A 'thank you' is the modern day term for a prayer, so repeat your affirmation with the words 'thank you' at the beginning for a powerful energy punch. For example, if your goal is to own a superb sports car, your words might be 'thank you for the fabulous sports car I am now proud to own and I enjoy driving it immensely'.

The Affirmation Method
An affirmation is a descriptive sentence or paragraph about the goal you wish to attain. It must be believable to your conscious mind and you must maintain this feeling of truthfulness. Repeat your affirmation throughout the course of your day, knowing what you are saying and why. It will then train the mind to accept what you are stating as true.

The Argumentative Method
It sounds contradictory but what actually happens here is if you are having difficulty believing that a certain goal could eventuate, you go down the argumentative track. What this means is, you take your 'case' into an imaginary court of law and argue all the pros, cons, negatives and arguments against your case - all the reasons why you think you can't have it - so that you can see your way clearly to how it is possible to achieve or have what it is you want. From this outcome you can then put together a seriously intense affirmation with full conviction behind it!

These methods and techniques are truly powerful and definitely will je;[ you in achieving your goals. The ultimate power to all of the above though is the emotion behind it. Emotion is truly the manifesting muscle and should be exercised thoroughly - so score it with full force!

Happy manifesting!

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