Top Six Advantages of E-mail Marketing

By: John Rebecca

Gone are the days when people used to advertise their products using traditional forms of marketing like newspapers, radio, pamphlets, flyers, TV and so on. In today's digital age, new forms of marketing are slowly replacing the older ones to target more and more markets, generate leads and convert them into loyal customers. One of these new generation marketing techniques is called as e-mail marketing. This form of marketing has outnumbered the traditional forms of advertising and marketing benefitting large scale as well as small scale companies in many ways. Let us discuss the top six advantages of e-mail marketing here.

To start with, e-mail marketing is very easy, simple and cost-effective. Also, one can send an advertisement about a product or service to a person sitting far across the world within just few seconds through an e-mail. It can be done by any person at any time of the day. Personalized messages can be sent to a wide range of specific and potential clients in no time. Moreover, many companies have started using this form of marketing as an initiative towards saving our environment since everything is digitized and there is no need of printing papers and sending them through posts. Also, the cost of design, testing and executing has reduced due to e-mail marketing.

With e-mail marketing, customers have a choice to opt-in or opt-out. When customers are in need of a particular type of service or product, they will happily provide you their e-mail addresses so that companies can send them mails, messages and newsletters to know whether their need can be fulfilled by the company's products or services. On the other hand, when customers feel that they don't need your products or services anymore, they can simply unsubscribe at their discretion.

E-mail marketing is highly interactive. There is no limitation on how you can pass on your message to the target market. You can create graphics, videos, audios, quizzes, games or any other thing just to attract the targeted client. You can create this interactive messages by targeting a specific audience based upon age, gender, location, income or whatever that suits your requirements. All this seems to be very difficult with print media, doesn't it?

With e-mail marketing, companies can easily track down the prospective clients using various analytical tools like bounce messages, click-throughs and un-subscribers. These analytics are then used to measure open rates, conversion rates, positive and negative responses and correlate sales.

E-mail marketing is far better than direct marketing in solving the complaints and issues raised by the customers. Direct marketing requires at least seven to ten days for resolving the queries, whereas in e-mail marketing, customers become highly satisfied by receiving the answers to their concerning issues or complaints within two to three days.

Since e-mail marketing is a faceless communication between the client and the company, it is easy to get honest feedback about the product or service from the subscribers. This generation is ready to come out and provide their reviews about a specific product or service so as to make it better for meeting their requirements. Companies can use this information which customers provide by filling online survey forms or simple questionnaires to improve companies' services or products and reach more and more people globally.

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