Top Sellers On Ebay - What Characteristics Do I Need To Become One?

By: Noelline D Lowery

The elements of a successful eBay business is not that different from any business - excellent customer service, strong marketing and advertising strategies, and good financial management. To achieve all these and become top eBay sellers, follow the tips below:
Build a brilliant Feedback Rating : Do this all ways first, as a buyer then as a seller. It is advised that you make many purchases yourself before you start selling on the web. Build a great buyer's feedback rating by sending payment swiftly. As quickly as you have made a good buyer's reputation, you can now become a seller.
For top eBay sellers, making sure one hundred pc consumer satisfaction is their daily target. You can do this in some ways but some beginners tips include responding questions about the product utterly and patiently, communicating with the purchaser obviously about payment and shipping, and offering a fast and convenient payment option like PayPal.
Draw customers with good quality pictures: Image is everything when it comes to marketing and especially so when you are selling a product online. Remember, the photo you use will be the point of reference of potential customers so it is very important that you take very good pictures. It does not mean though that top eBay sellers are professional photographers. Certainly, you do not need to be one. Just make sure your camera has decent resolution to produce clear images.
Do not use a flash when you take pictures because it throws unflattering light on your items. Shoot in an open area instead. Use a tripod to avoid blurry photos. Resize your photos and make sure they do not exceed 300 pixels so they will load quickly. Lastly, remember to use an accurate image of your item to avoid customer complaints and negative feedback that will ruin your credibility.
Work on Your Text : Aside from using fine quality pictures, top eBay sellers know the significance of the reports and item outlines. Be creative with the strap line to draw in the notice of buyers but make efforts to use searchable keywords, which essentially means you must include in your strap line the words that buyers use when hunting for the item that you're selling. Additionally, don't forget your adjectives. Use detailed words like amazing, pleasant, and unique but ensure they suit your items.
The item outline is where your potential buyer should find out why they should purchase your product so take care to comment about its features and benefits. Again, accuracy and truthfulness is important. Don't make fake claims because this could only mess up your business.
Understand the expenses of your business : Top eBay sellers remember all of the expenses associated with their lists, which would include the listing fee, selling fee, payment processing charges, and shipping charges. Tracking costs is vital to any business and to make the task less complicated, you can invest in accounting software to help stay in top of your business finances.

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