Top SEO Tools 2010 for Webmasters

By: Mel Joelle

Top SEO Tools for Webmasters

You might be surprised to know that many of the Top SEO Tools of 2010 were freely available on the internet. The trick is that you can’t use just one to get the rankings you’re looking for and you don’t need an IT degree to use and manage them all.

Here’s the short list:

Link Tools: Backlink Checker – see how many backlinks a website has, Link Analyzer – can analyze incoming and outgoing links, Reciprocal Link Checker – see if your business partners are really linking back to you.

Keyword Tools: Search Engine Position checker – find out the position of a single site with a single keyword on multiple search engines, Keyword Density Checker – see how often a keyword occurs on a site, Keyword Extractor – extract single, double and triple keywords from a site to create a list, Keyword Suggestion Generator –self explanatory.

Search Engine Tools: Spider Viewer- see how search engine spiders view your website, Bing Indexed Pages Checker, Google Indexed Pages Checker, MSN Live Indexed Pages Checker – see how many pages have been indexed for a single site on each of these search engines.

Authority Link Tools: DMOZ Backlink Checker- find backlinks associated with a single domain, Multiple Authority Link Checker – find authority backlinks for multiple sites,

Website Rank Checkers: Site Rank Checker – combines data from other rank checkers to give you the PageRank, Page heat and Alexa Traffic Rank Checker results for a specific site. Fake Rank Checker – find out if a site is faking their Google ranking.

Multi-Site Rank Checkers: Alexa Multiple Rank Checker – check rankings for more than one website, Multiple Compete Statistics Checker – check Compete rank, traffic numbers and the number of unique visitors of more than one site simultaneously.

Header / Tag Tools: Meta Tag Generator – generate meta tags for your site, HTTP Extractor – extract the HTTP headers from a webpage.

Source Code Tools: CSS Validator – uses W3C CSS to validate your cascading stylesheets, Website Speed Test, Source Code Viewer, HTML Encrypter, HTML Optimizer - all self explanatory.

IP Tools: Ping Domain IP – Ping an IP or domain to find out the response time, Reverse IP/ Look up- lets you look up the hostname for any IP address, Multiple IP Address Checker / Reverse IP Lookup – lets you do the same 2 functions for multiple IP addresses.

Social Web Tools: Delicious Link Checker, Digg Links Checker, Twitter Links Checker – These all let you find out how many links there are to a single website on each of these social media sites.

Of course, the issue for most online businesses is that no one on staff has the time or the expertise to research, implement and manage all these top SEO tools. Whether an eCommerce site or a Content site, most people are pretty busy just delivering to the public what they claim to be doing.

User behavior changes over time, the market trends change quickly and new search engine technology (and Web technology in general) affect the way people search and do business online. An efficient SEO marketing strategy that produces results employs all these tools simultaneously. Results in the form of:

increased visibility on SERPs to a website ranking on the first 3 pages, and

increased return on investment, i.e., increased sales or leads.

That’s why the services of a professional SEO Marketing company are increasingly important as the internet changes and the rules for doing business successfully get tougher.

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