Top Reasons For Using Vonage Broadband Services

By: Ray Lam

With more players jumping into the already populated space of Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), the perceptive user has that much more choice. Vonage is a leading player in this marketplace with over a million subscribers worldwide in a short lifespan of three years. However, there is a set of negatives too, so wait until you reach the end of this review before you decide to switch from your traditional landline service to Vonage telephony.

What is Vonage and how does it differ from your landline connection? For a start, you must have a broadband connection, preferably cable-based; a dial-up is no good. When you call Vonage customer service for a connection, Vonage sends you a tiny box, which you have to plug to your telephone and your cable modem or DSL. You are now set to start a Vonage conversation. With a Vonage connection, you have access to your telephone through your computer and the broadband connection. The other big difference from a traditional phone service is cost effectiveness; with a Vonage, you can cut your telephone bill significantly, and converse worldwide by buying local telephone numbers from Vonage.

Now there are many advantages that come with Vonage internet phone service that you may not know about. For one you are able to choose an area code from any market despite the location you live at. So in essence you could have your phone hooked up in Japan and use a New York phone number. It would work!

Premium services like voicemail, caller ID, 3 Way calling, etc all come standard with the Vonage plan. There are other options out there for internet phone service similar to Vonage. However when it comes to a delicate technology like voice over IP address phone I recommend staying with the market's strongest VOIP service - Vonage.

However, Vonage is a winner on features. If you have a dependable broadband connection, need to make frequent international calls, and travel to world destinations but need to stay in touch with the US, Vonage is for you.

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