Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Insomnia Problem

By: Zackery Bonde

Even though, they are tired, some people will have difficulty in falling asleep. In some people, they get to sleep immediately after going to bed, but when some disturbance happens in the middle, they will have difficulty in getting into slumber again. Insomnia is a common problem that takes toll of the energy of individuals, their mood, health and their ability to function during daytimes. When this condition turns out to be chronic insomnia, they will even face some serious health issues.

Causes of insomnia:

To get the appropriate treatment for sleepless nights, it becomes important that people should turn out to be sleep detectives. Reports state that many people facing insomnia report to have some emotional issues. In addition, a role can be played by their physical health, sleep routine and daytime habits as well. Once the root cause is figured out, it will be easier to get the right treatment. Here are the common causes:

1. Stress

2. Depression

3. Feeling of hopelessness

4. Anxiety or chronic worry

5. A recent traumatic experience

6. Medications taken for some conditions

7. Some health issues that can interfere with sleep

8. Uncomfortable and noisy sleep environment

9. Not following a regular sleeping time.

Herbal remedies:

It is recommended that people facing sleepless nights can go for herbal remedies for insomnia. Here comes the Aaram capsule as the excellent herbal remedy for this condition. The herbal ingredients present in Aaram capsules are responsible for curing the underlying issue and here are the details about the ingredients present in these capsules:

1. The ingredient called sarpagandha present in Aaram capsules is known to be effective promoting good sleep.

2. Bhangraya is another ingredient that can be effective in providing harmless soothing to the insomnia patients and it induces the hormone called serotonin, which is known to be a sleep-inducer.

3. Brahmi can provide the right kind of comfort to the brain and it is known to be an effective stress reliever as well. This ingredient is added in many herbal remedies for insomnia.

4. The mild sedative properties of Tagara herb makes it an important ingredient in Aaram capsules as it can act as the good remedy for nervous unrest, hysteria and emotional disorders.

5. Ashwagandha for sleep disorders can play a major role towards stimulating mechanisms, which can bring down stress and can, promote natural relaxation.

6. Chandan is known to be an effective relaxant and its calming properties can induce good sleep

7. Lata kasturi is a coolant and so it can effectively bring down excess heat, which can create sleep disorders in people.

8. Shankhpushpi is known to be an effective sleep inducer

9. Arjuna herb can prevent heart diseases and it will help people to get good sleep at nights. This is why it is added in herbal remedies for insomnia.

Other ingredients present in Aaram capsules are gajwan, ustaykhaddus, ajwainkhurashani, jatamansi, moti bhasm and kesar. All these herbs can bring about a natural cure to different types of sleep disorders and many of them can effectively relieve stress, which is stated as one among the many important reasons for sleep disorders.

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