Top No-Fail Dating Gift Ideas

By: Kevin Hart

1st Month Anniversary

You're dating! One month, how about that! Your weeks of ignoring your friends and modifying your social behavior have paid off. Now that the one month anniversary has come up, it's time to show some appreciation. For many, such a situation warrants the construction of a refrigerator - bound rudimentary macaroni & glue craft. Though possibly appropriate in accordance with the importance of the one month anniversary, it is none the less often viewed to be insulting. Excluding the afore mentioned option, you want to keep the gift light and humorous as to avoid becoming too personal too early; at the same time you want to show that you like this person and you want to keep on keeping on. A small gift accompanied by a humorous card is your best option. Some gifts to consider are candy, a funny stuffed animal, or baked goods. And no, don't even attempt the old buy and repackage routine when it comes to baked goods, you're only setting the precedent of being a two-bit charlatan. If you can't cook, call your mom.

3 Month Anniversary

Now that you're celebrating the 3 month anniversary, you've probably figured out that this isn't a fluke and the relationship could really be going somewhere. During this period of the relationship, it's important that you show the person you're dating that you listen, and that you care about their interests. There's no better opportunity to demonstrate your attentiveness than with a dating anniversary gift. You still want to keep the gift fun and not too serious, so a perfect combination for showcasing your listening skills in a fun way is to give your boyfriend/girlfriend concert tickets to see their favorite musician. Buy two tickets so you can enjoy the concert together. Even if you don't like the music, go. This will show that it's not the music that you care about; it's being together that matters (don't roll your eyes, it's corny, but it's true). The only exception arises if their favorite musician is Ashley Simpson, in which case you suggest that he (God forbid) or she go with a friend. While they're at the concert, it's your duty to call friends and family in order to organize an intervention. Anyway, you can also give them a CD or DVD if there are no concerts in your area. A book from their favorite author could also be very well received. Just a final tip before we move on; don't go bragging about the fact that your listening skills produced a good gift. It's not about you, it's about them. If you want to congratulate yourself, go put a gold sticker on your nose and clap in front of a bathroom mirror somewhere, but do so on your own time.

6 Month Anniversary

The 6th Month Anniversary is a gear shifting point in any relationship. You've got your feet wet, and you're beginning to wade out into the ocean of love (contact my non-existent agent for trashy beach novel ghost writing), you might not be there yet, but wading is definitely occurring. The relationship is getting a bit more serious, and the anniversary gift should reflect as much. Don't worry, this isn't diamond & gold territory yet, but it's definitely time to pony up a little bit. Some good suggestions would be a new bottle of their preferred perfume or cologne, a modest watch – bracelet - necklace or earrings, or a night out on the town that would include dinner at a fancy restaurant. A home made dinner accompanying a thoughtful gift would also be an excellent idea. The main point to walk away with here is that you need to demonstrate your understanding of their likes and interests, while at the same time making it known that you consider this relationship to be more than just a fling-around-the-rosie.

1 Year Anniversary

"I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm kind of a big deal." Will Ferrell was in Anchorman, and the 1 year dating anniversary is in...well...real life. The 1 year anniversary of a relationship is huge; it's kind of like the day after the moon landing as perceived by the general public. You're excited, you know you can make it work, and you're bedazzled with the limitless possibilities the future may hold. The excitement you feel should be matched by the gift used to represent it. A romantic getaway for the weekend is a dynamite idea. If I had a nickel for every time someone refused a weekend getaway I'd be half way to buying a tootsie roll. You can also present them with some memorabilia from the first date or a scrap book of your first year together. An experience gift is also a great idea; by experience gift I mean getting passes or a personalized tour pertaining to something your boyfriend or girlfriend (of 1 year!) is passionate about. Bottom line, the one year anniversary is huge. Don't forget about it, and don't blow it by writing it off as insignificant.

2-3 Year Anniversary

After being together for two or three years, the relationship has become quite serious. The gifts given on the two and three year dating anniversary should reflect the time and devotion vested into the relationship, and should celebrate how much you mean to each other. One way to express this is by booking an extended vacation to a city the two of you have always wanted to visit. The most effective gifts for these anniversaries are the ones that will bring the two of you even closer by showing that you've developed a deep bond and chemistry. To strike a nerve in this department, try presenting your partner with a gift accompanied by a hand written love letter or poem. If you're looking to reclaim that certain spark you can try spicing things up a little bit with intimate apparel or clothing. For maximum results, incorporate all three ideas as part of the same gift. Go on vacation to your favorite destination and while there, give your partner a love letter or poem with some intimate apparel. You can even get creative with it; fold the letter into a paper airplane and launch it to your partner across the room with the sling shot device you've created out of the recently purchased "intimate apparel." If you can pull something like that off you should be instantly elevated to "irreplaceable" status.

4-5 Year Anniversary

Mork & Mindy had an excuse for waiting so long to get married, Mork was an alien. What's your excuse? After spending four or five years together, it's about time to decide if this is the right person for you. You need to either show that you are in it for the long run, or pack it up and move on. Looking for a gift suggestion? Try an engagement ring.

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