Top Four Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By: John Rebecca

So, you have set up your business and are finding new methods to market and advertise your service or product through various forms of advertisements and marketing techniques. You have heard so much about the various advantages of email marketing and are thinking about the same for attracting customers, generating leads and turning them into your permanent customers. You have also learned the basics of email marketing and have appointed a team to handle this work. But, wait! Are you aware of some of the common mistakes made while doing email marketing?

E-mail marketing is not as simple as it may seem. The experts who have vast experience in this field often fall prey to some common mistakes, leave aside the newbies. This can be disadvantageous to your business and you may lose customers even before gaining their loyalty.

Want to know more about these mistakes? Read on.

Mistake No. 1

The first and the biggest mistake is sending too many e-mails to the listed customers frequently. Yes, we know you want to make huge sales and earn more money within less time, but this is not the right way to do it. Sending too many e-mails on a day-to-day basis not only wastes time and resources but also displeases the listed customers, forcing them to unsubscribe or even worse, report you eventually.

Mistake No. 2

Just like sending various e-mails within a limited time frame can cause serious loss to your business, sending email messages irregularly may also damage your company's development goals. Once you are out of customer's sight for too long, you are likely to be out of their mind too. Market is flooded with tough competition and your competitors won't leave any chance to lure your customers. Hence, to maintain a consistent relationship with all the existing and new customers and not to lose them to your competitors, it is essential that you take proper steps to reach them in time. According to email marketing experts, sending a mail per week is an ideal frequency to send mails to customers.

Mistake No. 3

Studies have shown that people don't like to open all the mails sent to them. They choose to open and read those mails only that have an impressive and interesting subject line. Many marketers often neglect this mistake and send mails by a common or subpar subject line. This forces the customers to delete the mail or report it as spam. If you want your message to mark an impression on the customers, write creative and exciting subject lines which a common human being can relate to.

Mistake No. 4

Many marketers incautiously include broken links in their mails which can be quite a disappointment for the customers. To avoid this, double check the message and be sure that you have included only that link in the mail which is working properly and redirecting the customers to the correct website. There is no bigger turn-off for the customers to click a link that shows a "Page Not Found" error, a missing page or one that consists of different content than what has been promised in the mail.

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