Top Five Varieties of Buffalo Lawns

By: Swats ChedS

Buffalo lawns are among the most popular types of lawns these days. They are admired for their high shade tolerance since they grow perfectly even in shady areas. They also grow very slowly and that is why people only have to mow them twice a month. Buffalo lawns are available in numerous varieties. It would be ideal if people could compare these varieties first before they decide which ones to purchase. The most popular types of Buffalo lawns are the Palmetto, Sapphire, Sir Walter, Kings Pride, and Matilda.

Palmetto This is probably the most popular type of Buffalo lawn since it is widely used by landscape architects and exterior designers. It is considered as the top selling type of Buffalo since there are far more Palmetto lawns sold in various parts of the world than other Buffalo types. Palmetto is very reliable since it is a low maintenance grass. People do not really have to bother themselves with regular mowing and edging since this type of grass is perfect for cold and humid temperatures. Among all other types, Palmetto has the best color during the winter.

Sapphire Buffalo grass typically features wide broad leaves. But there are some people who prefer thinner grass. If that is the case, Sapphire is what they might be looking for. Sapphire has the finest leaves among other Buffalo Grass types. The good thing about this type is that its leaf naturally folds in half. This makes the entire lawn more textured. Its texture is what made Sapphire popular among a lot of people. It is also disease resistant and is good even with chemicals. It grows perfectly even in draught and it also transplants very quickly.

Sir Walter This Buffalo lawn type is good in almost every aspect but it does not really stand out among the rest of the Buffalo types. Its most notable features include endurance against chemicals and good wear tolerance. It grows a little faster than the Palmetto and is not that thatch. Sir Walter needs to be mowed and edged every once in a while. Because it is good in almost every aspect, it can be quite expensive.

Kings Pride The Kings Pride Buffalo grass features broad, coarse leaves that grow very fast. Their speed in growth means that more maintenance work is required. This is probably the reason why some people, especially those that do not have time to mow, dislike this grass type. Kings Pride is similar to Sir Walter in various aspects since it also has a high wear tolerance. A surprising fact is that this grass type is more expensive than Sir Walter.

Matilda Matilda has a broader leaf than that of Sapphire but is finer than that of Kings Pride and Sir Walter. This does very well when it comes to wear tests. They also recover very easily from such tests. The Matilda features a winter color that looks like that of Sir Walter and Sapphire Turf. Another thing that people should know about Matilda is that it needs to be de-thatched every few years.

There are still other grass types which have not been discussed because they are not that popular and some of them are considered inferior to the Buffalo lawn variants above.

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