Top Five Horror Movies of all Time

By: John Devis

While each genre of film certainly has it's own advantages, you would be very hard pushed to beat horror movies when it comes to sheer entertainment value. Terrifying to watch alone and ridiculously fun to watch as part of a group, nothing beats a good horror movie for a great night in. Should you be looking for a little bit of inspiration, here are what I consider to be the top five horror movies of all time.

The Blair Witch Project.

A film that many movie fans adore but which many others simply cannot stand, The Blair Witch Project definitely did one thing right. Despite being filmed on a budget smaller than the catering budgets of many Hollywood films, the Blair Witch Project was a run away success that terrified cinema goers across the world. Somehow managing to combine both realism and witch craft, the result was one of the most terrifying films ever to watch in the cinema.


While the sequel was slightly disappointing, this strange mixture of black comedy and unadulterated gore often made people look away more out of disgust than out of genuine fear. And although the tourism boards in many Eastern European countries were not exactly happy about the films premise, cinema goers loved the strange and at times scarily believable plot. American backpackers never left their country for a "Euro Trip" feeling quite the same way again.

Switchblade Romance

This French tale of lesbians and chainsaws is arguably the best film on the list but it is also the one that you are least likely to have seen. It involves two female friends venturing for a peaceful break to the home of one of their families. Unfortunately the visitor that arrives late that night with a loud knock on the door has other ideas.


While many movie directors like to scare their audience with CGI and vicious monsters of all shapes and sizes, the tale told in Them requires nothing of the sort. It follows a night in the lives of a young couple living in the country side who find that a group of neighbourhood kids want to keep them up all night by throwing stones at the house. Unfortunately for the couple, it turns out that the neighbourhood kids also want to attack them with sharp knives.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original)

Finally, no article about great horror movies would really be complete without mentioning the original slasher flick, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Despite certainly getting on in years, it paved the way for so many of the horror films that have graced our screens over the last two decades. The infamous scene where the severely disfigured lunatic wields the machine gun around and around in the air for no reason other than to toy with his victim has long gone down in history as one of the most memorable cinematic moments of all time. If you have not seen it, you don't know a thing about the horror genre.

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