Top Exercise For Muscle Building: The Squat

By: Sean Nalewanyj

To put it mildly, squats are the toughest, most demanding, and painful exercise for muscle building that you can perform. Squats need an immense amount of discipline and willpower to be done correctly.

Even from a technical point of view they are a challenging exercise for muscle building.

Nothing compares to a squat when it comes to adding more size and strength to your lower body; the extreme difficulty of this exercise for muscle building also forces your body to release more anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

The increase in hormones secretion also helps to pack on more muscle on your upper body.

With this exercise for muscle building, you will achieve a strength gain in almost every other exercise that you do because it causes a "spillover effect." If you're looking for an exercise for muscle building and you don't already squat, you'd better get started. In a nutshell-it works.

Unfortunately, there are several lifters who have not yet sought the many bonuses that come from heavy squatting. It seems that people will come up with just about any excuse they possibly can in order to steer clear from the squat rack. If you're in the gym with the goal of maximizing your total body muscle gains, exercise for muscle building is an absolute must.

*** Proper Squatting Technique

For safety reasons you should always perform your squats in a power rack or cage. That way, it's your prerogative to adjust the height at which you clear the bar, and you can always drop the bar on the safety pins if your muscles give way.

You should set the safety pins just below the depth you are squatting, and the J Hooks should be set at your nipple level. Your head should be pulled back during the squat, you should have a slight arch in your lower back, and your chest should be raised.

It's important for you to look straight ahead and not up or down; also, avoid leaning too far forward.

At the bar, position your hands at about the same width as a bench press. Before clearing, put the bar evenly along your traps.

The bar should rest on the lower portion of your traps and across your rear delts. The bar should feel like it's going to slide off.

Clear the bar and then take the necessary amount of steps backwards. Most squat injuries occur when backing up, so make sure that you only back up as far as you need to.

Your feet should be placed about shoulder width apart or slightly wider, and they should point out at a 45-degree angle. With a deep breath, descend.

Instead of lowering yourself straight down, pretend as if you're trying to sit on a chair. At all times your knee must remain in line with your feet, and they should never bow in.

You should lower yourself so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Once you hit bottom position, get right back up.

Do not keep yourself in that bottom position! Use your heels and back to get yourself back up as soon as possible.

When you are back in the upright position, breathe deeply and keep lifting until your set is complete.

*** Keep this in Mind

Get into the squat rack-it's the best thing you can do for your body. Treat this lift with respect, and you'll be shocked at the resulting muscle gains.

Do squats once a week, in 2 sets of 5 to 7 reps. Focus on pushing yourself hard on this exercise for muscle building and continually strive for more weight and more reps.

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