Top 7 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be Practiced By Every Athlete

By: Shalu Prajesh

Top 7 reasons why yoga is to be followed by every athlete:

1. Greater strength:

For any sport that you play, you need more strength to cope with those rigorous training sessions and fitness programs. Even the most popular body builders take some time out for regular massage sessions and meditation periods. Yoga asanas and breathing exercises prevent torn muscle issues and increase your strength to perform better in your chosen sport.

2. Improved muscle functionality:

Yoga is lot more than you can think; it is the overall building of breath, movements, and flexibility. Yoga postures help you to articulate each and every area of your body in a manner that your muscles tend to improve. With more oxygen and proper blood flow, yoga can work wonders to get rid of issues like fatigue, tiredness, ragged breathing, weight gain and more. Many athletes consider yoga as a muscle feeding program that supplies healthy blood flow and oxygen to their body.

3. Mental stability:

For any sport that you play or perform, as an athlete it is highly important that your mind is at a stable position. Yoga practice helps your mind to stabilize the negative energies and brings a positive attitude to develop winning strategies. Your mind has to be calm and cool throughout the game and, for that yoga can do wonders for athletes!

4. Body control:

The constant workout sessions, competitions, professional plays, and practice routine may want more energy from your body; the question is how to balance or control it? Yoga builds good control of your mind, body, and emotions. The slow techniques, calm breathing, and body lifting asanas control your entire body and makes it perfect to compete with other athletes.

5. Recovery and repair:

Athletes are prone to injuries, muscle tear, and other joint pains due to strenuous work outs. Sliding yoga towards yourself makes you internally healthy. Stretching exercises in yoga help to encourage the flow of blood throughout the body. Furthermore, the muscles get into a relaxed state that prevents tissue breakdown with the help of stretching exercises. Yoga has immensely helped athletes to recover their internal functions and get back in the ring.

6. Awareness:

If you have not exposed yourself to yoga yet, it is time to do so! Yoga is a self-awareness program that helps you to face your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of development. Many marathon runners, football players, cricketers and other sport professionals find it difficult to cope up with the competition. It is because they lack the awareness of their own strength. Yoga helps you to relate your passion and determination in winning a sport.

7. Relaxed personality:

Unlike other tiring exercises, yoga is relaxing. The light asanas and breathing patterns help you to relax your mind, body, and soul. Savasana (corpse pose) is the most prominent exercise to practice after a tiring day in an athlete’s life.

Learn to eliminate tension through yoga and things will be different in your sports life.

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