Top 7 Keys To Selling Online Successfully

By: Lina Stakauskaite

The latest figure on selling is highly encouraging with more people opting to start their own business instead of working for others and hoping they won't get laid off. Some degree of independence in income-earning has shifted to a point that there are now more entrepreneurs and independent business people than ever before. A good deal of them use the Internet to sell online but aside from this, there are 7 other selling online techniques you should be aware of and use occasionally to close the sale and develop a solid network of clients, referrals, and co-professionals.

One, Know and Understand The Pros And Cons of Your Product
You need to be able to sell a product by turning a buyer around whenever he comes across a stumbling block to the sale. To do this, you have to honestly be upfront about the pros and cons and how a buyer can turn a possible negative aspect into a potential advantage. Keep in mind that in selling online there will be buyers who will try to say as many negative things about the product in the hopes of getting a cheaper price. All you have to do is knock down each negativity with opportunity.

Two, Stay Updated
Every industry changes and as a professional, you need to stay updated with what is going in on your specific industry. You can do this by becoming a member of a online comunity writing a blog, comments in different forums. This also gives you leverage and exposure.

Three, Use The Internet
If you haven't launched your website or created an online business profile, you are losing out on huge online market. Did you know that ecommerce grew to US$1 trillion in 2012? This was a 21.1% increase from 2011 which shows that land-based businesses are being challenged severely by online businesses and the only way to effectively fight this is by jumping on the online selling wagon.

Four, Be Service Oriented
You may get lucky with first-time buyers but to be successful, you will need these first-time buyers to keep coming back or referring you as the best online seller around.

Five, Be Friends With The Enemy (Your Closest Competitors)
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Everyone says that especially in the movies but it could not be truer in terms of sales and marketing. Know who your closest competitors are and keep tabs on their movements. This will help you stay at least one step ahead of them.

Six, Stay Professional No Matter What
There will be buyers and clients that you may have difficulties with but you have to persevere and stay professional, patient, and respectful at all times. If the negotiations get to a point where it compromises your values or moral standards, walk away. It's the professional thing to do provided you have no signed agreements or unfinished legal obligations.

Seven, Don't Give Up
Thousands of online sellers have great products but fail because they give up. A little bump on the road can frustrate anyone but it also determines who has the motivation and who is wishy-washy about being a success.

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