Top 5 Ways To Rent An Apartment

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Every year, thousands of people coming to Moscow in search of happiness. First, all facing the same problem - where to live. Relatives and friends - magic wand for the first time. However, even the most patient of them sooner or later you will be asked to move out. Then, you will be faced with the challenge of finding a removable housing. Rent an apartment in the capital - not a cheap pleasure. One-room flat economy class will cost you 20-25 thousand rubles. "Kopeck piece" can be removed for 27 - 35 thousand rubles. But if you know the ways on how to rent an apartment in Moscow at below market rates, you can save a decent amount. We'll show you what methods are cheap rent. Option One. Seasonal apartments. These objects appear on the market in early spring. It was at this time, landlords are leaving for the summer and fall of part of the city for your favorite6 acres. In order for the apartment is not empty the enterprising owners of rent. "We have enough people who have apartments or houses abroad, for example, in Bulgaria.

They can spend a vacation there. Medium term lease of apartments for 3-4 months, and the amount of lease payments, usually at 5-10% below the market "- said Maria Zhukova, deputy director of" Miel Rent. " Option Two. The apartment rooms for the price. Those who are often moved from one place to know about what real estate rental market from time to time appear attractive options. For example, you rent a room in the apartment, where the second room is locked with a key and, in fact, it turns out that the cost of the room you are renting an apartment. Maria Zhukova said that "these proposals a little less than 5% of the total. The cost of renting a room in a two-bedroom apartment is comparable to the cost of a one-room apartment, two rooms in a three-room apartment - with a two-bedroom apartment. Since the lessee receives the use of the rest area of the apartment. " But sometimes owners rent one-bedroom apartment at the price of the room. For example, owners of the apartments have moved to live in another house, and the furniture still have nowhere to move and throw a pity.

As a result, the second room serves as a repository of things, and the tenants receive an excellent opportunity to rent an apartment cheaper. "I want to point out that such proposals are often found in non-professional databases, where a room in a rented two-bedroom apartment offered at a price significantly below the market - said Maria Zhukova . - These declarations must be wary of potential tenants, such methods often use "black" brokers in order to attract attention and catch the customer, or simply as a scheme of fraud. " Option Three. No amenities, but cheap. Another way to rent a flat much cheaper in Moscow - to give up comfort. Under the facilities can be implied different things. For example, in the apartment may not have a bath or shower, while the cost of a monthly rental of such an object can be reduced by 20-30%. Option Four. Housing in exchange for services. Most older people prefer to rent an apartment that could provide them with any useful service. For example, if you nurse, then retired happily hand over to you your apartment or room rates, which are several times lower. In this case, older people will be assured of timely medical assistance. Also, you can rent a house cheaper if you'll take care of the sick, who lives in a flat or walking their animals. Option fifth. Quality repair and free accommodation.

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