Top 5 Mistakes From the Fashion on the Fields Race Day

By: Chris Le Roy

I've just returned from the Townsville Cup Race Day in Australia and whilst there were many beautifully dressed women there were some that really had no understanding of the concept of high fashion. I have listed below the top 5 mistakes at this years fashion on the field race day.

1. Looking Orange is Not Sexy

Everybody loves a good tan as pasty white is not the hottest colour for women wearing high fashion but this season some women have gone overboard on the fake tan.

Getting a quality spray on tan is absolutely essential for some body types and for certain styles of fashion however before engaging a spray tan artist always try the tan on a hidden body part to see if it is the colour you are looking for. One of the biggest challenges for you is to get a tan that looks believable rather than unreal, applied or in the case of many tans we saw at the race day a surreal orange looking colour.

Try to ensure that the tan is only 1 or 2 shades from your natural colour. Going 20 shades different to your natural skin colour will only make you look like an ompaloompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2. Wear a Dress with an Appropriate Hem Line

There were many stunningly gorgeous dresses on show but a common mistake was the Hem Line was worn at the wrong length for the body style and the dress type. In North Queensland where this day was held, their winters are quite warm however that does not mean that the dresses should be so short that the bum line is visible below the dress line.

Whilst this is probably a little over dramatic, my team and I did see many cases where the ladies would drop something and go down to pick up the item, forgetting the length of their dresses. This is not something anyone wants to see whilst at a day at the races.

3. Nobody Likes a VBL, VPL or VBS

There are three acronyms in the world of fashion that every woman must know and avoid and unfortunately none are complimentary. The three acronyms are VBL, VPL and VBS.

Nobody likes a -

VBL - Visible Bra Line

VPL - Visible Panty Line

VBS - Visible Bra Strap

Having any one of these three issues simply degrades the quality of the high fashion and defeats the purpose of you spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in securing the top fashion item for the day.

4. Poorly Chosen Lingerie

If you are going to invest in a high fashion dress that cost a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, then you must also invest a similar amount in quality lingerie. There were many ladies who were not comfortable in the regalia that they had invested in, they were fidgeting and trying to readjust themselves constantly. This is totally inappropriate at such a fashion event and detracts from the experience of the day.

None of this would have occurred if those ladies had purchased appropriate lingerie for the fashion chosen. If you are buying tailored and designer dresses then speak with the designer to gauge what they believe is the most appropriate lingerie that will accentuate their dress design. Many designers have their own preferred lingerie designers for their dresses so it is definitely worth taking their advice.

5. Ridiculous Footwear that Makes a Grown Man Cry

Some of the footwear being warn was absolutely ridiculous and was going to lead the ladies to look less than fashionable as the day goes on. The point of going to a high fashion race day is to maintain a certain level of dignity and composure and when you leave racing fields, you feel as good as you were when you arrive. However if you wear the wrong footwear like heals that are over the top, the only result that will occur is you leaving the race track bare footed.

Unfortunately this was a common sight as the day drew on and to me this defeats the whole purpose of getting dressed up in high fashion only to finish your day looking dishevelled and filthy from the dirt on your feet.

The local Race Day is a great time for you to spend time with your business associates and friends all dolled up to look a million dollars but all this can be undone just by making the five mistakes talked about above.

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