Top 3 Coarse Fishing Holiday Destinations In UK

By: Tony Smith

Traditionally, the term fishing is used to describe small scale commercial or survival practices. In the bygone days fishing was done by applying some traditional techniques such as arrows, tackle, harpoons, throw nets, rods and drag nets. However, nowadays fishing is considered as a recreational sport and the equipments differ from that of the yesteryears. Those interested in fishing use several equipment like fishing tackle, rod, reel, line, hooks and different types of baits or artificial lures like spinners or dry flies. Being considered as a recreational activity in European countries, there are special coarse fishing vacations destinations for interested fishing enthusiasts.

Most of the British anglers carry out long fishing trips to some famous fishing sites around the world. However, some of the best fishing destinations are located in United Kingdom. UK with its rich cultural history also leads in several other spheres and activities in life, and fishing is known as one of the olden recreational activity carried out here for thousands of years. British aisles are the most preferred destinations for the anglers to spend a holiday with all modern fishing amenities. Anglers all around the world visit these places to satisfy their coarse fishing pursuits.

Now, what is coarse fishing you must be thinking? Coarse fishing is carried out in countries like United Kingdom and Ireland for angling coarse fish. A coarse fish is a special type of fresh water fish. This type of fishing is especially carried out in United Kingdom and Mainland Europe. There are many famous coarse fishing destinations in Europe and are often visited by anglers all over the world.

South-western England with great number of lakes and reservoirs is no wonder a paradise for fishermen. Especially popular is the ‘Wimbleball Lake’ located inside the Exmoor National Park in Somerset. This popular coarse fishing destination is all surrounded with lush grasslands and dense forests. This lake offers a memorable fishing experience and usually remains crowded with anglers from all around the world.

Another famous coarse fishing destination is ‘Hamsphires’, located few kilometers from the capital city. The Test, Itchen and Avon, flowing across this country, offer excellent fishing experience. The place remains crowded all through the year. You can easily book some reasonably priced cottages or else select luxury hotels before and after visiting this place.

Last but not the least is the ‘Butterwell Fishery’ in Cornwall especially visited for its private coarse fishing stretch on the Camel River. You can go for catching some of the rarest coarse fishes from the hordes of salmon, or from the nearby coastlines. You can have some great opportunity of catching fresh trouts from the Avon Dam near South Brent in Devonshire. Remember to carry an Environment Agency Rod License with you while visiting the place.

There are many fishing tackle shops around from where you can shop for all types of coarse fishing accessories like fishing tackle, rods, reels, rigs, weights, swivels and baits.

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