Top 3 Benefits Of Drontal For Dogs

By: Meredith McMurtrie

If you are an animal lover and you have a dog then perhaps you would do anything for its safety and welfare. Well, there is a product on the market that is called Drontal for dogs. Basically, this product consists of some tablets that will help your dog get rid of intestinal parasites and worms. This problem occurs from time to time and your dog must be protected. If you are interested then here are some more benefits of this drug:

1. Eliminates most worms and parasites. For example, tapeworms and roundworms, they are all removed in a very natural way. Those tablets contain special ingredients that help the immune system of the dog to eliminate those parasites safely. It is recommended to administer this medicine to your dog 4 times a year. If you observe a strange behavior in your dog then perhaps this is the cause.

Those parasites will be removed from your dog's intestine and it will be able to jump, run and behave normally again. Your dog requires being at least three weeks of age in order to be safe to give him this medicine. Drontal is one of the best drugs when it comes to eliminating the worms from your dog's intestines.

2. Chewable tablets. This product is available on the market in the form of tablets. They are easily chewed by the dogs and in some cases they even taste good so your dog will love them. Also, make sure that your dog is at least 2 pounds in weight or almost 1kg before giving him these tablets. In addition, the tablets are administered in a single dose.

3. Affordable prices. You can find this product at an affordable price as well. For example, most boxes of Drontal contain 40 tablets and they can cost approximately $15 from different suppliers. You will see that different boxes of Drontal have different prices and different mg per tablets. That happens because the Drontal boxes that have a lower mg per tablet are suitable for smaller dogs and vice-versa.

Based on this, if you have a bigger dog, you will need to get out a little bit more money out of your pocket. The prices can go up to 30-35 bucks. Make sure that you research the market well and you buy from trustworthy suppliers.

In addition, if you want more information about this product and what are the best stores near in your area from where you can purchase, you can speak with the pharmacist or the veterinary. He will provide you with more information.

Drontal is a safe product that has been used for many years in order to help the dogs eliminate the worms and stay healthy. In some cases, side effects can occur but they are rare. For example, Drontal might cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. If this happens to your dog then make sure that you take it to the vet as soon as possible. Your dog might be allergic to this type of product but then again, those cases are rare.

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After many years there have been different products available but drontal have always been a leading brand. Their main product is called drontal allwormer.

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