Top 10 Reasons For Network Marketing Failure

By: Bob B Howard

I have been working on a video series of the Top 10 Reasons People Fail At Network Marketing. These can be seen in detail on my blog Youtube site. I did an article that summarized all the videos into one place.

Top 10 Reasons For Network Marketing Failure
Your primary business should not be discussed when social networking. When you are starting a relationship it is important that you do not talk about your company even though you want to.

Use the product. Personal product stories are what you need and this comes by using it. Facts tell but stories sell.

Be consistent. Rome was not built in a day. It will take time to build your relationships online.

Take action. Do not procrastinate. This can be a real killer in building your business. Remember that this is YOUR business and you must have good habits to get where you want to be. Make sure you do what you should do and do not waste time.

It is not your uplines responsibility it is yours. This is your problem, not theirs. No one else owns YOUR business. In order to get ahead you have to do what you have to do.

Product knowledge. Know your competition. Easily talking about your product is a must. You also need to know competitive products to be able to address objections and questions related to comparing the products.

G's & O's When goals are set they are often attained. Can it be said any more clearly. I believe it was Zig Ziggler that said "Aim for nothing and you will hit it every time" You must set goals.

Attend the conferences and meetings. It is really hard to convey to you how big a difference this will make in your business.

Meeting with people in person is much different than talking on the phone. Internet Marketers need this. When you meet people and find out that they are normal you will realize that you can do exactly what they are doing.

Work on yourself. Take time each day for self improvement. Learn from those that have already achived what you want.

Never quite. If you hear nothing else in the article hear this. You will never succeed if you quit. This is what most people do. Make sure you do these 9 things and do not run out of money by planning. Don't be a statistic. 97% of the people who starting in this business fail. Be a 3%r and don't quite. You want regret the fact that you are successfull. I asure you of this.

As you can read there is a lot of content in this article and this is just a summary. Go the to primary article to see all the details. Details and wisdom can be found in the 8 videos.

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For the detail article go to Network Marketing Failure. You will also get access to the 8 videos that go along with this article. You can vist my web site by goting to MLMProMentor. I also welcome any an all comments.

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