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By: Hege Crowton

Around the world the woman of the house is in many cases the one who fixes things around the house believe it or not. She is the one who will take care of minor repairs which does not require a specialist to be called. The woman is also the one who seem to have the ability to assemble things that needs to be put together.

For all you men out there don’t get it wrong because a lot of you do some of these things but on the over all most of these chores are being done by women. Most women are able to do everything from changing light bulbs to fix holes in the wall and leaky faucets. When this is how it is why do the men buy tools that fit them?

Most tools found in a home are generally big, heavy, bulky and normally hard for a woman’s smaller hands to handle. In some cases would it not be better if the man, who normally purchases the tools, to buy tools made for a woman. After all you know that it is her who will get the most use of your tools anyway. It must be a guy thing because having all these manly things makes them feel good even though they hardly ever use their tools.

Ladies, maybe it is time you go shopping for your own tools. There are actually tools out there made specifically made for you and they are not as big, bulky and heavy as those made for a man. These tools are made by women and have only women in mind when designing them. Believe it or not they even look good and come in fashionable colors that women would like.

After having worked in the construction business as an only woman Barbara K. quit her job and decided to start making tools for women after watching an episode of “Sex and the City” were Samantha moved in a new place and needed to hang curtains but did not know how. She realized that if she could get tools for women, who spend $ 55 billion on home improvement annually, they would be a hit.

A lot of women actually love doing home improvement projects but because of the tools they have in their homes are at times unmanageable for them they rather not start on a project. Many of you do not even know that there are tools out there made especially for you but there is and now that you know about it there should be no reason you cant start one of the projects you have wanted to do for so long.

Barbara K. has many useful things in her line of products such as: a dorm survival kit which has everything a woman on her own for the first time might need. Then there is the roadside safety kit which has what you need to fix a flat or jump a battery.
All her products come with little how-to-books which gives instructions on how to do different things.

Women’s tools are a great thing to have around the house for the handy woman

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