Toll Free Service Providers Ė Four Things to Consider Before Signing Up

By: Ricky Pattison

Much like any product, service or company thatís out there today trying to do business, not all brands are equal by any means. The wonderful thing about capitalism is that you have choices. Itís business multiculturalism at its finest. A menagerie of different entities that are striving to compete in one market creates serious options for the buyer. Healthy competition like this is what makes the business world go round on its curvy axis. Under this premonition, you have choices between different toll free service providers. Here are a few key things to look for before making up your mind on which one is best suited for your business needs.

Rate Per Minute
A quality and competitive rate plan is the most desirable facet for shoppers when comparing toll free service providers. Your best bet here is to compare several toll free service providers at one time on your web browser. Look for rates, and what they charge if you go over per minute. Some group tons of minutes into affordable bulk minute plans to earn your business.

Custom Toll Free Numbers (Vanity)
Vanity numbers are not really all that expensive and they can add some personalized flare to your toll free number that helps customers remember who you are and what your phone number is. When shopping for toll free service providers, ensure that they can also offer vanity numbers. The leading services providers always offer vanity numbers to their customers.

Online Account Management
Everything is online these days. Now the premier toll free service providers offer online account management. This enables you setup your phone lines, activate voicemail boxes, assign extensions, track minutes, make plan changes and much more. Make certain this feature is included with your service plan for an optimal experience.

Extensions and Setup Options
One final thing to consider is how many extensions you get and your setup options. This is briefly covered in the above point regarding online account management. For a wide array of businesses, they require numerous extensions at their place of business to more accurately field and route the incoming calls to the appropriate destination. By limiting your extensions and call setup options, you could actually be creating a much bigger headache for your business later on. So ensure that you have a wide open plan that allows you total controlósomething thatís easily found with the elitists of toll free service providers.

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