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By: Adair Sawyer

Blogging is a current era trend. While most of us talk about them, many of us read a few, and some of us write blogs. But then, why are blogs so important in today’s time? What makes them so special? Probably, they are special because they are such windows that let us ventilate. Expression, in any form, is very important. And blogs help us express unabashed, they let us speak what comes and crosses our mind. There are many free blog sites that provide an easy platform to write about any issue that interests us. And to know how to make blog, we only have to do a little bit of research.

But to start with, what exactly are these blogs? Blogs are the logs on the web that provide diverse posts or entries which are actually expressions of your ideas and thoughts that you would want to share. Dated chronologically but in the reverse order, the blogs can be on any subject. They can be your individual platform or can also be shared with many. The free blog sites are plenty in number and are mostly used by a multi blogger format. While keeping the interesting diversity quotient in place, the multi-blogging sites also bring the general psychology of the mass in the surface. These blogging websites also show you how to make blog and use the same.

Blogs are perfect for interaction. You can not only share your piece of mind but can also know what others are thinking on the issues that you care about. You can exchange views, debate and form opinions in the blogging site. Anybody who is following your blog is entitled to comment and thus you form a social network eventually. The free blog sites can also be used to advertise a brand or a cause. Once you learn how to make blog you can start uploading articles related to an event or an issue and start gathering public opinion and people’s support.

Not only can you share your views or promote something, you can also share video, photographs and audio. You can form archives and store as well as share the long forgotten music albums and start writing on them. You only have to register in any of the various free blog sites and you can be a member of as many blog sites you want to. All these become easy when you know how to make blog. You can share the blog in your social networking account. There are various kinds of blogs like that of micro blogging ones, corporate blogs, organizational blogs, reverse blogs, subject blogs and so on.

But, does that mean you can write on anything or everything? The answer would be a no. If you have a platform to share in the name of free blog sites, you have responsibilities too. You cannot defame any person or house and cannot write on sensitive issues without any definite and concrete evidence because one wrong post may cause unwanted uproar. Often, due to complaints of defamation, a blogger was asked to withdraw a post. So, when you know how to make blog, share your opinions but, be sure of what you express.

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Share your opinions and what crosses your mind and heart by using the free blog sites. To have your own blog, learn how to make blog first.

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