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By: Cesar Muler

Globalization has brought into our lives something very significant, something that is almost indispensible in our lives. It is the easy access of news online 24*7. It has not only helped in cross bonding among various cultures; it has also led to the emergence of a global trending that is popularly followed by people across political borders. Quite naturally there is a need for continuous streaming of what is happening where. Commonly called pop culture news, trending of such ideas or perspectives that sway the mass has been of interest since the last century. TV news online today has made acquiring such information from any part of the world even easier.

Within the mass media pop culture news is preferred by an informal consensus. This informal consensus is largely influenced by the mainstream who wants a true showcase of issues regarding everyday life in TV news online. However, there is a need to understand that ‘pop’ culture and ‘popular’ culture are two different phenomena, and, although they are often used interchangeably, the meanings of both the terms overlap partially. ‘Pop’ specifically means something that has the potentiality to attract the mass, something like the ‘pop culture’ of 1950s, which essentially was about the society of that era.

‘Popular’ culture in particular means something that has already gained popularity in the mass, regardless of any style in the content. Today acquiring information about what moves the world and what shakes it up is much easier. You can get all the information in one place - information that is non-opinionated and unbiased. The news items that feature as TV news online are the outcomes of rigorous research and in-depth analysis by stalwarts in all the respective genres. The primary advantage of following pop culture news online is that you get absolutely real news that covers all the aspects of how, where, when and what.

Each news item is critically analyzed from both multiple angles so that you are free to take a personal stand. The second advantage of watching TV news online is hence that there is no intellectual hegemony or manipulation of intellect at any point in any news scoop Also, something like the pop culture news is shown in a subjective yet interesting manner adding to both the merit and presentation of the news. The issues that are generally covered are based on politics, society, music, films, sports to something more particular like ethnicity, gender, cultural imperialism, censorship and so on, thus bringing in front of you everything significant happening in the world.

There are four ways to analyze popular culture that helps in bringing out more significant pop culture news elements for instance. The first type is textual analysis, second comes historical analysis, third is audience analysis and fourth comes the production analysis. While textual, audience and production analysis change over time, the historical analysis remains constant with its data bank of significant events. The third big advantage of TV news online is that it reports you any news item at the fastest rate. Moreover, you can make rapid searches on news of any year without much hassle. Also, since you can access the website anywhere, anytime - that makes it all the more convenient and economic.

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To get news from all over the world at the tip of your finger watch TV news online. The pop culture news have scoops that have the larger potentiality to draw the mass and can be accessed online easily.

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