Titanium Necklace - The Next Hot Trend

By: Christoffer X Altesino

Titanium is an extremely strong and lightweight material which makes it perfect for a number of different applications.Not only has it been used by NASA because of its unique properties, it is also possible to make some very nice jewelry from it.One type of jewelry that can be made from it but is not necessarily as popular as others is a titanium necklace.Not only can these necklaces be very durable and stylish looking, pendants that are made from titanium can be quite ornate.
With some of the newer technology that is available for shaping and working with titanium has made it much easier to create jewelry from this interesting alloy.As a matter of fact, titanium engagement and wedding rings are some of the fastest growing types of jewelry that are on the market.A titanium necklace is also going to give you the same strength as one of these rings and much like any jewelry that is made from titanium, you are not going to have issues with it getting out of shape and it is relatively scratch resistant.
A lot of the lower end necklaces that are available present a problem that many people are unable to deal with.There are many people that are allergic to a variety of different metals, particularly if they are coated.Whenever this metal begins to come off or even if it is just against the skin for too long, an allergic reaction will happen.I've had this problem for quite some time from everything from my necklaces to my belt buckles.A titanium necklace is going to help you to get around this issue.As a matter of fact, titanium is also used for a number of different medical applications because it is not rejected by the body easily and it tends to be biocompatible.
Whenever you are choosing your titanium necklace, you're going to have several different options to choose from.Although it is certainly possible for you to go with strict titanium, it is also possible to get a black titanium necklace as well.If you decide to go with a black titanium necklace, however, you should make sure that it is made from actual black titanium and not simply coated with a black material.This may cause allergy issues and the finish may eventually flake off of the necklace.

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