Tips to make you look good in those special 9 months

By: Arun Rathore

Pregnancy is the one of the most special time of any woman’s life. The feeling of carrying a life inside you in itself is so divine and can make any woman look good and beautiful. But as people say ” the road to Motherhood is not very easy” and to get the taste of the heavenly happiness a woman has to face many challenges. One of such challenges during the pregnancy is the hormonal and physical changes leading to various skin and hair problems. During the 9 month’s tenure a mother to be can come across problems like

• Dark patches on face
• Acnes and blotchiness
• Itching dry skin
• Stretch marks
• Vulnerability to certain fragrances

A pregnant women needs to be extremely careful while choosing makeup products India as the chemicals and toxic substances present in the cosmetics can affect the embryo or fetus or can even cause genitival problems to the mother. Even the daily used things like moisturizer, body lotions, soaps and deodorants should be applied after carefully going through the constituents of the product and should always be checked for expiry before applying. Beside these beauty measures one thing which every pregnant woman must follow is to drink lot of water and vitamin or protein rich fluid which will help them feel fresh and hydrated

Suggested are the three of the essential makeup products India which should be included in the make up kits India of pregnant women to look prettier and radiant.

Sunscreen: Since during pregnancy your skin become more sensitive and vulnerable to sun, it is very important to use good sunscreen lotion before exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays. Before selecting any sunscreen make sure to check the SPF content and consult doctor regarding the permissible limit of the substance.

Moisturizer: One of the major problems faced during pregnancy is excessive dryness of skin. It is always advisable to put on as much moisturizer as you can, so that your skin can feel nourished and healthy.

Anti aging Agent: This one of the most essential makeup product to be included during the pregnancy beauty regime because various hormonal changes often leads to problems like stress which can cause wrinkles around the eyes or pigmentation.

All these makeup products India will not be of any use if you are not enjoying your special time of your life and keeping yourself happy, always smiling and thinking positively.

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