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Most people think that their hair is either great, or horrible, there is not often much of the in between. So, the point of this article is to help everyone be on the "my hair looks great" side of the fence. The following are some great hair tips for better looking hair, no matter who you are, or what kind of hair you have.
Step 1:

Know the basics of your hair. This means know your hair texture, and what styles look best with your hair type. In order to figure out your hair's texture is. You can grab sections of it on the top, sides and back and watch how it falls when you let go. This is a great tip from experts. If your hair falls flat and limp, you have fine hair. If your hair sticks up straight or if it poufs up and away from your scalp and face, you have thick textured hair. Anything in between is medium texture.
Step 2:

Know your face. Your hair frames your face, and a cut that looks good with one face does not always look good with another. So, take time to figure out what cuts and styles work with your face. Oval faces, round faces, long faces, square faces, they all look best with different cuts. Figure it out.
Step 3:

Go for a piecey look. Pieced hair is popular, and it can look good with short hair, long hair, or anything in between. If you want to get the pieced look, be sure to start with dry hair. Then use some product. You will want to rub a small amount of product between hands, then apply to random chunky pieces of hair. Pomades, waxes, and putties are best for getting the pieced look, and the one that works best for you depends on your hair texture. So, try them all out and see what looks best.
Step 4:

Learn the best ways to use product in hair. Most experts say that in order to properly apply a styling spray, cream or gel, you will need to saturate your hair with product, then comb product through your hair so it is evenly distributed. You want the product to coat each strand rather than just sit on top of it. When you use this approach do not use a metal or plastic comb, choose wood or boar hair. If you learn to use product well, it will enhance your hair instead of make it worse.
Step 5:

Keep it healthy. If you want to have great looking hair you need to keep it free from split ends, and you need to keep the hair shape. This means that you should keep your hair trimmed. If you have a specific cut you like, then every couple of months go in to get your hair reshaped, this will keep you from hating your hair and doing something drastic you might later regret. Hair Salon Products | Hair Products For Men

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