Tips to ensure Proper Baby Bottle Feeding

By: Richard Cooper

Sparkling clean baby bottles are essential to proper baby bottle feeding. The babyís health after birth much depends on how the baby is fed and whether you make sure that you make use of really clean baby feeding bottles. The baby bottles should be rinsed immediately after use and not be left overnight as this will cause caking and leave a foul smell inside. Besides, you must sterilize the bottles after washing them to make sure that any bacteria left within are killed. Whether it is bottle feeding or cereal from a bowl that is fed to infants, bibs are a must-have for babies.

Here you will find some tips that you can use while baby bottle feeding your newborn. The baby bottle nipples must have holes of the right size. For newborn babies the hole should be small or else it could lead to choking. After a few months the baby will find it difficult sucking if the hole is still the small size so you can either widen it yourself or get a new nipple with a larger hole. Make sure you keep a stock of spare nipples in case the regular ones get worn or torn. Putting bibs on your baby at feeding time goes a long way in protecting the baby clothes from stains which sometimes end up permanent.

Before baby bottle feeding you can heat the milk a little. Just stand the bottle in a bowl of warm water and check out the temperature by squirting some on your wrist before feeding baby. Avoid heating the baby bottles in the microwave at all as it does not warm the contents uniformly and it could scald your babyís mouth. Bibs are always one of the welcome baby gifts and they prove to be very useful and save you a lot of mess over baby as well as the clothes. They are a common gift at baby showers.

Milk prepared in advance for baby bottle feeding should be kept in the fridge but avoid keeping it in the door as the temperature is not all that stable there. Milk already prepared should not be kept for longer than twenty four hours. Bottled milk once taken out of the fridge should be consumed within three hours. And do not keep leftover milk from a used bottle for a later feed as it is already contaminated by the babyís saliva. Always use baby bibs to keep baby clean and to avoid baby clothes from getting messy.

Whenever you are baby bottle feeding, make sure that you have sanitized your hands before you handle any of the feeding stuff. While traveling you can use an insulated box to carry the baby bottles but you have to use them in at most eight hours. Instead of carrying warm feed it is better to carry hot water in a thermos flask. And donít forget to throw in a few bibs as well; you bet they will come in very handy.

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