Tips to decide on a domain name for your business website

By: Floyd lester

The internet has changed a lot since the past few decades, and recently, the business world has started taking it quite seriously. Just a few years ago, accountants and managers would scoff at the idea of using a website to benefit the website, and today no business think that it is complete without having an official website that provides information about them to everyone who would want to know. If you are planning to start a business, or you already have a business and want to set up a website for the same, here are some tips that will help you choose a good name.

To begin with, you should remember that the website is an extension of your business, and it should have the same name that your business has. Domain names are tricky, and nobody can guarantee that a particular domain name that matches your business name will be available unless you check it for yourself and buy the domain name right now. If you were just setting up the business, it would not be a very bad idea to first check whether a particular domain name is available and then decide the name for the business.

If the domain name for your business name is not available, you can try adding an hyphen and the country that you are base your business in. In some cases, you can book the domain name denoting the name of the business, and the actual service that you provide. If you are lucky, you will not even need to use the hyphen. You would need to make sure that the name and the service name put in together does not compile to be a weird word. In addition, make sure that the market you are catering to is all right with you tweaking the spellings and letters that you use in the name of the business. Some do not like it, and it might end up alienating a market base that you already have.

The domain extensions have an importance of their own. For example, the .com domain extension is the most valuable and costs the most, but nowadays extensions denoting the countries are also available. For example, a company that is based in Canada can book a domain name with an extension like .ca, which means that the company is based in Canada. This is a good idea for businesses that cannot book a domain name with the .com extension. You can book a domain name with the extension that demotes the country you would like to base your business in. Some other extensions you can use are the .org for organizations, and .net for websites that are technology based. Edu is for educational websites. While you can these extensions, you should generally refrain from doing so for business purposes unless your business is into educational activities, or is a non-profit organization.

These are some tips that will help you book the best domain name for your businesses. Several companies offer domain-booking services, but some offer only some domain name extensions.

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