Tips to be a Successful Commercial Model

By: Alina Farace

Every day we see commercial models in various types of ads. They come into view in newspapers, catalogs, magazines, editorials, advertising material, on posters, sides of buses, letters of food items, household products, games, etc.

To even be considered as a fashion model you must have very exact physical requirements. Generally female fashion models are in between 5'9 - 6'0 tall and should be dressed in a size two - six. Male fashion models are usually 6'0 to 6'2 and be dressed in a size 40 regular jacket.

Commercial models, on the other hand, require only having the capability to look like a real person. The commercial modeling is the fantastic platform for people of all heights, weights, sizes, ages, and races who desire to be model. Fashion models generally support high-end designer fashion clothes, commercial models publicize everything else.

Commercial Models Earn
The fees are different from city to city and job to job. Commercial adult models can be expecting to make anywhere from $60 to $300 an hour depending on the market. Children are also paid a good amount less than adults, but can be paid up to $75 an hour. There is no manner of knowing how much one can earn.

Most people do not appreciate that commercial modeling is like any other kind of business. Before entering modeling or any industry, you must need to do your homework. You must be trained about the types of photos that will acquire you the most work. You must be aware of what agents do, and know how to make sure you are working with a highly regarded and honest agent. You must know what is estimated of you as an expert model, and learn how to perform before entering the business. Certainly, the people who have done their explore and have gotten the needed information will have the maximum probability for success.

Advantages of Commercial Modeling
There are no physical limits to being a commercial model. Most people prefer commercial modeling to extra their income on a part-time basis. The hours are enormously flexible, and the hourly charges paid to commercial models are wonderful. And, of course, it is an excitement to see yourself or your child in a magazine, newspaper, brochure, or on a poster or billboard.

How to Create Great Photos for your Comp Card
Deciding on the image or images that suit you best might be the tuff part of the whole process of putting together a composite sheet. Ask modeling agents, casting agents, modeling photographers, fashion modeling art directors and your friends how they notice you being cast. Consider their input, but you need to make the final decision. You must figure out how you want to present yourself to the world.

After the Photo Session
Before publishing any compound sheets, you want to have modeling agents view the photos and get suggestions from them. Contact some agents and see if they have open calls. Open calls are when agents see new people. Once you are definite that your photos will signify you well, and then create a composite sheet

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