Tips to Remove Dirt from Your Eyes

By: Emily Hernandez

Normally, we rub our eyes when we feel there is an item inside our eyes. But this is not the proper way to get dust, dirt or anything out of our eyes. This will do more harm than good. You may think about carrying out the steps below or calling your eye specialist in Arizona for fast appointment.

1. Shut your eyelids soon as something gets inside your eye. Do not attempt to rub the affected area or you may only worsen your situation. Wait until it produces tears that will consequently help wash down the particle. Slowly wipe your tears. In case your eye is not generating tears, do your best to cry. Think about the saddest moment in your life like the death of a loved one.

2. Blinking your eyes may also help remove dirt in the impacted eye. It will help your eyelids and eyelashes to move the foreign object out of your eye.

3. You may consider using an eye wash solution. Ask an eye clinic nearby to learn which product is the best one to use. In the event you do not want to use such kind or it is already midnight and there is no way an eye center is open at this time, you may choose to wash the dirt off using water.

Choose a cup with a circumference that fits your eye. Make sure it is clean. Fill it up with lukewarm water. With your head down, bring the cup to the troubled eye. Afterwards, lift your head and face the ceiling. Hold the cup firmly so no or less water will come out from it. Blink your eye many times. Attempt to move your eye in circle motion so the water will get into your eye. Should you have concern with both of your eyes, ensure that you do not use the same cup and water for each eye in order to avoid spread of bacteria.

4. If you think that the foreign particle inside your eye is large enough and you are having a difficult time to get rid of it, visit an eye specialist in Arizona right away. Similarly, seek medical help if the object has gotten the inside of your eye.

5. Ask a relative or a friend to examine your eye. He or she could see the object or particle and let you know if it can be easily eliminated or you already have to go to an eye doctor.

6. If yours is a very simple scenario, you may pull the upper eyelid down until it extends to the lower eyelid. It will naturally slide back to its position and then remove the dust or material that is inside your eye.

Our eyes are very delicate; hence, we have to take better care of it. We do not rub it whenever something gets inside. The steps above are of help. But in case you are in doubt of yourself and you desire to be sure, you may go to your eye specialist in Arizona without delay.

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