Tips to Make Your Catering Go Smoothly

By: Uriah Spencer

Finding good caterers for your event is absolutely crucial if you are hosting any kind of party, corporate event, wedding or funeral. In order to ensure that your party goes well you need to ensure that your guests are well fed and that they have enough liquor and to accomplish this you will need to think seriously about your catering which can be a complex process when there are lots of people to feed.

Making sure you have the best caterers will right away help to see that your event goes smoothly and you don't run out of food etc, but at the same time it's also important to ensure that you plan properly to avoid anything going wrong that lies outside their control. Here are some tips.

Use a Buffet

Using a buffet is one easy way to prevent many of the problems that could otherwise occur with catering. This way there will be enough for everyone, and you won't need to worry about serving up multiple courses – rather your guests can just help themselves as and when they wish. You'll also find this way that there is less waste and this will help you to keep the costs down.

Double Check

If you do decide to use a set menu or something on those lines ten this will mean that you need to take everyone's orders and ensure that there is enough food to go around and that it gets servd to the right table. The problem is that people are prone to changing their minds about what they want, and even just plain forgetting what they ordered – particularly if they chose their menu a long time before the event took place.

A good way to prevent this problem and make life easier for the caterers is to double check at some point what everyone ordered. To do this just send another set of invites out nearer the time as a reminder and mention what they ordered on it again – this gives them plenty of time to get in touch and change their mind. You can also put their orders on their name cards so that they remember early on and to help the caterers find where the food is needed.

Use Finger Food

Finger food is great for getting people to talk and socialize and has a very casual feel about it. This is also great for canapés and by having some finger food available while people are waiting it will avoid anyone getting too hungry and impatient if there are any delays. Finger food of course also reduces the amount of washing significantly.

Make Extra

Making extra of everything means that if someone drops their plate on the floor, or changes their mind there will still be food available for them and the caterers won't be forced t cook something up with very little time.

Have Alternatives

When you select the menu you need to consider your special groups and that means you need to have a vegetarian option, an option for kids, and an option for various common allergies.

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