Tips to Help Reduce Shedding in Pets


A petís coat grows thicker in the winter to provide protection from the cold temperatures, and then naturally, the hair is shed in the summer when itís hotter. In other words, all pets shed unless they are a hairless breed. Despite of what people say, there is no way to completely eliminate shedding in pets. However, there are a few things you can do to minimize shedding in dogs and cats:
Invest in grooming tools Ė every dog owner should own a quality brush that works for both beneath and above the coat. The more fur you can remove with a brush, the less that will be released inside of your house. There are even brushes for pets that attach to vacuums so that loose hair is picked up while youíre brushing.
Feed a quality dog or cat food Ė if you feed low quality pet food, the first place it shows is on your petís skin and coat. Feeding a high quality diet will help keep the skin and coat healthy and prevent unnecessary shedding. Also, talk to your vet about adding supplements to your petís food such as fish oil or olive oil.
Prevent stress Ė do you ever wonder why your pet seems to shed a whole lot more at the vetís office than at home? Itís caused by your petís natural reaction to a disagreeable situation; stress. To prevent your pet from shedding excessively, find out what causes him stress and avoid the triggers.
Regular bathing Ė during high-shedding periods, itís recommended that you bathe your pet twice a month. This will make getting rid of loose hair with a brush easier to do.
Use a blow dryer Ė after giving your cat or dog a bath, you can dry him with a towel, and then brush him while using the blow dryer. Together, the blow dryer and the brush will help you remove a lot of loose hairs from your petís coat. Just remember to keep the blow dryer on the lowest temperature setting to avoid burning or overheating your pet.

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