Tips to Grow Taller - Gain at Least 3 Inches in Height!

By: gagan kanith

Most people think they stop growing at age 18. Most people think this will be their final natural height.
However, this is FALSE. You can add height at any age.
Getting taller can mean many different things to many different people. If you're a basketball player adding just a couple inches will help you on the court. Or maybe you're football quarterback. An extra couple of inches in height can mean the difference of getting a college scholarship or not getting one. Of getting into the pros, or not getting in. Visit now Picmoney dot com

It can also mean attracting the opposite sex. Women tend to fall for taller guys after all.
Let's first begin with ways that won't work:
You can't grow bones
There are many so called experts out there saying you can grow your bones. This is not true. Adding height in the bones is impossible. Don't fall for any schemers who claim this works.
Herbs don't make you taller.
Herbs don't work. Either does calcium. As said above you cannot grow the bones. These herbs are sold on the promise of bone growth. If somebody tries to sell you magical herbs, just say no.
So, what are the ways to add at least 3 inches of height?
It's called growing your spine. A majority of people have kinks or curvatures in their spines. These curves rob people of extra height. Fix the curves and you grow taller. There is one specific method that will make you taller. Plus there are other spine related issues that can be solved to increase body height.

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