Tips on fire safety for kids

By: Andy Brisebois

Fire can occur any time at home causing great damage to people and property. Though every member of a family must be taught fire safety tips but kids and seniors need to be educated more about fire prevention and safety. There are many tips of fire safety for kids that can be taught to prevent any unavoidable circumstances. The best way to prevent fires in your home is to educate your kids about how fire happen and why they happen at home. You must sit down with your kids and have a conversation about fire prevention and safety that requires active participation.
You must not allow your kids to play with matches and lighters. In case you find these materials at home where your children can reach them, you must remove them from there at once. Kids at home must know their emergency contact number. If there is a fire at home, they must use this contact number to inform their parents as soon as possible about the entire situation.
It is important that a child must be taught about the facts of escaping a fire safely. It is recommended to have and practice a family escape plan. They must be taught to stay low in a burning building and touch doors before opening them to make sure that they are not hot. You must remind that they must not stop for pets, their favorite toys or anything else when escaping. They must get out of the house as soon as possible when there is fire and meet at a predetermined place in the escape plan. They must know how to drop on the ground and roll once outside, if their clothes have caught fire.
You must take help of reliable resources to teach fire safety tips to your kids. Teaching them about fire safety can encompass the use of visual materials, demonstration and lecture to make learning more relaxed and entertaining. While teaching them safety to defend fire, you must use props to reinforce learning about fire safety. Smoke detectors, lighters and matches can be used to teach them various techniques. Demonstrating fire safety methods can help a child learn more about fire escape techniques.
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