Tips on Using a Sex Dam

By: Cathy Hampton

Oral sex can be fun, exciting, and sexually fulfilling to both the receiver and the giver, but just like any sex act, oral sex can be dangerous if you or your partner have sexually communicable diseases, or if you’re unsure about your partner’s sexual history. If you’re feeling the urge for oral sex but want to play it safe, you should use a sex dam.

In general, a sex dam (or a dam) is a thin square of latex that is used during dentistry to prevent contamination between the dentist and the patient by placing the dam between the area being treated by the dentist and the rest of the mouth. The dam is necessary during operations and teeth fillings, since the human mouth is very dirty, and it helps to keep fluids away from the treated area. Enterprising sexual couples saw the value of the dam when it comes to oral sex and adopted it just for that purpose.

When you use a sex dam, you place the dam on the vagina (if you’re performing cunnilingus) or the anus (if you’re performing anilingus) before you perform oral sex on the person. Since the dam is very thin, the sensations will not be lessened, but the risk of transferring fluids between the partners is greatly lessened.

If you’re looking to use a sex dam, here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can use a sex dam and still have great oral sex:

• Make sure that your sex dam does not have holes or tears, since it would pretty much defeat the purpose of using a sex dam.
• Treat the sex dam like you would a condom; don’t use it multiple times for multiple people.
• Don’t be afraid to perform oral sex like you would normally. Sex dams are strong even if they are thin because they are made from durable latex.
• Use lubricant before putting the sex dam on since the latex can rub against the skin and cause irritation if there is no lubricant.
• Use a water-based lubricant, because some latex sex dams may react with an oil-based lubricant.

Some people are allergic to latex, so if you or your partner start to feel an itching or burning sensation on your skin where the sex dam is placed, stop the oral sex immediately. You can purchase dams at drugstores and other medical suppliers.

Using a sex dam for the first time may be uncomfortable and unsettling, and it could take a while before you and your partner are used to using sex dams during oral sex. However, you should keep in mind that a sex dam isn’t really all that different from a condom: it’s basically a piece of rubber designed to help you enjoy sex better, and to keep you from contracting any communicable diseases. Once you’ve gotten the use of a sex dam down, you might find that you actually enjoy the peace of mind that it can offer you during oral sex!

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