Tips on Sending Items Thru Couriers

By: Richard Taylor

In earlier times, sending packages and letters would take weeks or longer especially if you are sending them to another country. Nowadays, letters can be sent through email, and packages are now easier and faster to ship through reliable carriers. Sending a card or gift to loved ones or an important document to your colleagues, clients, or business partners is still essential to personal or business communication. As easy as it is to send emails, documents, and photos electronically, parcels and other items are still coursed through delivery services.

If you need to send a parcel to anywhere in the world, there are certain steps to take to help you avoid any problems. Minor requirements that you may have overlooked might take longer to process your delivery. You also wouldn’t want your parcel to get lost in transit so adding a few precautions can prevent any problems along the way. Here are some tips and things to consider when sending parcels through couriers.

Secure Your Parcels

Perfumes, lotion, shampoo and other liquids in bottles must not leak through their caps so use a scotch tape to seal the openings and caps. This will prevent any liquid from leaking through the package and possibly affecting other items with it. If you, for example, have electronic gadgets and clothes in the package, they could end up broken or unusable due to the leakage. But couriers are aware of this, and that possibility is pre-empted by requiring senders to tape down and secure parcel items. Most, if not all, couriers require this and wouldn’t accept the handling and delivery of parcels if not properly secured by the senders.

Moreover, use new and secure boxes for packages so they won’t easily break down in transit. It is also important to reduce the extra space inside the box and probably use some bubble wrap and fillers like Styrofoam to prevent items in there from moving freely while they are being transported to and fro places. This is especially important when you have fragile or valuable items that can easily break.

Special Handling and Instructions

Couriers have standard requirements and process for handling and sorting parcels. However, there are some items that need more care and other requirements for handling and delivery. Make sure you let your courier know of any special requirement for your valuable goods. If you need pay insurance for fragile goods, then do so as this will secure your items from possible damage and mishandling. For some unique requirements, an added cost is charged to the sender. You can also consider freight forwarders for bigger and more specific handling and delivery service. Pets, for example, may be better sent through cargo or freight for special handling instructions.

Specify Shipping Details

It is important to choose a reliable courier for shipping like DHL, FedEx and USPS, or any local courier. You can also save on shipping costs by using shipping price calculators and comparison websites. For Australians, they have a comparison websites called Ship2anywhere that can provide free quotes and rates from reliable couriers around the world. You can find it here as an example.

Once you have chosen your courier, specify the details of your package like weight, height, length, and width, the location where the package will come from and its destination. When specifying the destination, consider whether you will be picking up the item in the courier’s office or directing to a specific home or business address. Door-to-door services might be expensive but it’s a convenient option for many people these days.

When shipping, you also have the option to ship via the quickest route or process or use standard shipping that can take 3-5 days for local delivery. The fastest choice would always be more expensive than regular shipping. Consider this if you have perishable goods or if you need the goods as soon as possible. People who can wait a few days or weeks for shipping can save a couple bucks with regular shipping. To know more about courier services, visit or browse through popular international couriers like FedEx and DHL.

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