Tips for renting vocational homes

By: Franc Brown

If you are looking to rent a home for your vacation, but donít know where to start, you arenít alone. Finding the perfect beach house or vacation villas isnít easy, but there are ways that can guarantee you get the accommodation without breaking your budget. Planning ahead and being organized are the keys. Here are a few easy to follow steps that you should take to find a vocational villa at great prices.
1. Start your search early
Avoid stress and excessive costs by thinking, researching and planning a considerable time in advance. Booking a vacation home during peak seasons and on short notice can often prove stressful.
If you arenít sure where to start, the first goal should be to nail down the destination and the approximate length of your trip. Once this has been done, a real estate agent who specializes in vacation homes can be helpful. Consider contacting popular brokerage or those who have good reputation in the area you are visiting.
Online local newspapers can be a great source as well. And not to forget there are travel websites as well that can provide you all the details of the local area and favourable accommodation options that can be available to you.
2. Consult multiple sources.
It is important to consult multiple sources when hunting for a vacation home. By talking to different people and shopping around, you will not only learn about the area you are visiting but at the same time can find yourself a better deal. Keep your options open. If you donít live too far from the destination, you may consider driving around the neighbourhoods where you are looking to rent. While these strategies may involve a lot of work, still these will prove quite cost effective and convenient during your vacation.
3. Read the whole contract carefully
Donít ignore the contract terms and conditions as it explains what you are on the hook for. It will outline payment schedules and your liability in case of damage or if extra cleaning is needed.
Make sure you understand who pays for: utility bills, internet, phone service, cable, cleaning and housekeeping and gas or propane. Costs involving air conditioning and heating can be sizeable, so be sure to consider these factors in your budget. It is also important to get the checklist of what is included in the rental cost. As a general rule, before you sign the contract, have it looked by some good attorney that you can trust. This should certainly be done if you are unsure of any terms or conditions.
4. You can negotiate
No matter how staunch the pricing policy is, there is always room for negotiations. Every cost from the amount of deposit to monthly or weekly rental is negotiable.
5. Donít forget the deposit.
Holiday home rental France may require a large upfront security deposit. Donít forget to consider this factor in your budget. Also consider the process by which your deposit will be returned.
6. Ask about the housekeeping situation.
Some have cleaners coming a day before checkout while others send cleaners at regular intervals. Check out what are the housekeeping options in your case.
7. Photograph on day one.
This can be very helpful to ensure any existing damage is documented and you are not blamed for it. Make sure you record any problem areas. Do the same thing on the last day. If there is some argument before the mediator or judge, such proofs can be handy.
8. Get a contact number
Make sure you have the landlordís contact number so that you can contact him in case there is some problem.
9. Do a walk through before check out
Do this with the landlord or the owner to make sure he sees no problem with the property. This can avert any unexpected bills that he may charge you later on.

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