Tips for a Nearly Stress Free Christmas

By: Delorus Quintal

Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration and joy. Unfortunately, due to the bustle that surrounds the Christmas holiday season it often turns into a real hassle. So, in the end, rather than enjoying the season, many people just spend the whole time harried and unhappy. Taking time out to relax, however, and prioritizing, can actually help you enjoy the Christmas season much more.

Remember, do not overdo things. Chalk out a list of people to whom you wish to send gifts and greetings for Christmas. Here as well the golden rule of not overdoing things holds good. There is no reason why you should send gifts to all your acquaintances. Simply send a greeting but that too not to those who have not been keeping in touch for too long. This will reduce your work a lot. Also, remember to keep token gifts like chocolates and nuts wrapped and ready to give out as unexpected gifts.

Make a priority list of things that need to be done. Figure out what is most important, and put that at the top of the list. If things get hectic, and you start feeling stressed, leave the less important things, at the bottom of the list, undone. Try not to worry about getting everything done; just get the most important things done.

If you are hosting a party at some point during the Christmas holiday season, do not make it a formal affair. Try to keep it casual (you can still where nice clothes, but you do not need a grand dinner). Have games available for those who wish to play, and serve elegant finger foods. Have a sandwich buffet where guests can build their own sandwiches, and have nice hors 'd oeuvres readily available.

In order to eliminate stress from the Christmas celebrations, think of having a small get-together at home, rather than traveling to different places to see relatives. You will meet everyone and not get stressed out.

As long as you are consistent in not visiting anyone on Christmas, then no one can accuse you of trying to avoid them or playing favorites. Instead, travel to visit relatives two or three days after the holiday and stay for the New Year holiday. This way you can still visit relatives during the holiday season, but you are less stressed by having to rush through Christmas on someone else’s schedule.

Finally, do not leave all the post-festival cleaning for the last moment. Keep doing little things simultaneously such as keeping a garbage bag ready when you open your presents. Instead of throwing the papers and the packaging here and there you can directly out it in the bag. Do not keep piling up used things. Throw them as they are used. Have everyone load their dishes in the dishwasher after use.

There is no way to completely avoid Christmas stress, but by pacing yourself and refusing to allow the Christmas season to overtake your life, you can significantly reduce the stress you feel.

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