Tips for Your Business Signage and Logos

By: Alan Vincent

Using business signs is a great way to give your premises some gloss and to help strengthen your brand. If you have an office or another building that operates as your headquarters, then leaving the walls bare will mean failing to take advantage of a huge canvas that could be used for marketing, for strengthening your brand and more.

But in order to make the very most of your business signs and logos it's important to design them correctly and that means thinking about the psychological impact that will have and how they will reflect your company. Here we will look at some tips concerning the kinds of logos and text that look good as signs.

Your Brand, As a Sign

The most obvious thing to brandish the side of one of your walls with when it comes to signs is your business logo or name. Depending on your logo though, you need to think carefully about how this will work best as a sign.

For instance if your logo has very narrow lines, or is very detailed then it might work better painted or embossed onto a flat surface rather than being cut out itself. If elements of your sign are too thin or narrow this can cause the logo not to have the impact it should, and this way giving it a flat backdrop can help.

The same goes for the colour of your logo. If you have a black logo then this isn't something that will be likely to show up against a dark wall particularly well at night. Here you can either consider using some kind of outline (as long as it won't ruin the impact of the logo), or again painting it onto a flat sign instead.

Better yet though is to consider the appearance of your logo while considering how it will work in situations such as this. A versatile logo is one that can work well in a range of different situations and ideally you should design something that will look good whether it's on a sign or printed at the bottom of a letter.

Elements to Consider

So what kind of branding works well for signs? Well large shapes work well such as Apple's apple or Nike's tick because these can be cut out easily and included alongside text. Circles work well too, as do stars and abstract polygons.

Picking bright colours is also a good strategy in order to ensure they attract as much attention as possible. This means colours that will contrast well against most walls and products, and colours that contrast in themselves. A red sign or a bright blue one will fit a number of situations because few surfaces are either of those colours.

Choosing whether or not to include your company name is another important decision. Whereas incorporating it into your logo makes it easier for people to recognize, it also means you'll need more space wherever you use it in signage or on a wall.

Your logo should also be easily recognizable and simple to replicate. This gives it more chance of spreading virally, and means you'll be able to more quickly build up an association between the experiences and products you provide and that symbol or text - so follow the 'KISS' rule and keep it simple, stupid.

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